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The Most Popular Escape Room Themes  | Questroom

10 Most Popular Escape Room Themes & Objectives

09 Jun, 2020

13 min read

There are hundreds of escape room themes to choose from, spanning everything from prison escapes to Old West train robberies. If you’re thinking of gathering up your savviest group of friends and braving one of these unique attractions yourself, you’ll need to decide ahead of time which theme appeal

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Tips for Playing Escape Room Game | Questroom

Planning On Doing An Escape Room? Here Are Some Tips!

08 Jun, 2020

4 min read

Doing an escape room can be just “some fun activity”… or it can be a test of your true competitive self, if we’re being honest. Because many formats of escape rooms exist, there are several approaches to getting out. Here are some general tips we’ve come up with to help beginners to intermediate (an

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Tips and Tricks for Solvigng Escape Room Puzzles | Questroom

How to Solve Escape Room Puzzles: Tips and Trick

07 Jun, 2020

11 min read

If you’re struggling with how to solve escape room puzzles, you’re not alone. Worldwide, [only about 41% of escape room participants complete the challenge]( before the clock runs out. In the U.S., it’s only 26%. But while these attractions are desig

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Escape Room for Different Groups Near Me | Questroom

What Kinds of Groups Work in an Escape Room?

06 Jun, 2020

3 min read

## Types of Escape Room Groups at Questroom Have you been thinking about doing an escape room but, not sure if it could work with your group? With so many escape room locations, you might be wondering which one might work best for your group. This blog entry will go over the different of types of po

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Digital Escape Room Puzzle  | Questroom

Digital Escape Room Puzzle Idea

05 Jun, 2020

6 min read

If you want to recreate the escape room experience for your friends, employees, colleagues, or students, it’s easy to design your own digital escape room puzzles. All it takes is an internet connection and a bit of creativity. We’ve put together some basic digital escape room puzzle ideas and tips t

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Things You Should Not Do in an Escape Room | Questroom

12 Things You Should Not Do in an Escape Room

04 Jun, 2020

7 min read

Do you know what not to do in an escape room? By avoiding certain missteps, you can ensure a fun and safe adventure while maximizing your odds of success. We’ve broken down the top 12 escape room don’ts to help you prepare for the big event. ## 1. Don’t Choose a Difficult Room if You’re New to E

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Da Vinci's Challenge Escape Room Korea Town | Questroom

Creative Escape Room Themes For a Fun Night

03 Jun, 2020

8 min read

Escape rooms have come a long way since their beginnings, and there are now dozens of creative escape room themes to challenge even the most seasoned escaper. If you’ve already tried the classics—the murder mystery, jailbreak, the detective solving a crime, and the pure puzzle room, these themes wil

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Escape Rooms Tips for Beginners | Questroom

15 Escape Room Tips and Trick for Beginners: Get Ready to Win!

02 Jun, 2020

9 min read

Escape rooms can be “just a game”… or they can be a test of your true ability to solve puzzles like a pro. Because many kinds of escape rooms exist, there are several approaches to getting out. Knowing escape room tips ahead of time can help beginners to intermediate (and hopefully experienced) play

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Action Adventure Red Giant Escape Room Photoshooting | Questroom

How to Create a Fun Birthday Party Escape Room

01 Jun, 2020

11 min read

If you have a budding Sherlock on your hands, building a birthday party escape room is a terrific idea. It’s easy to create your own DIY escape room with a few party items and printed clues, and the party guests will go home with a huge sense of achievement and prizes to show their family and friend

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Escape Room Rules, Redondo Beach  | Questroom

Escape Room Rules That Every Player Needs to Know

16 Jun, 2015

12 min read

Escape room rules are designed to help you stay safe, have a great time, and best of all… win the game! If you’re thinking about playing your first escape room, knowing the most common escape room rules ahead of time will put you and your team at an advantage and help you have a successful escape. <

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