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Hollywood Questroom

5517 Santa Monica blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038

This location offers four top-rated escape rooms in LA including The Red Giant and Project Minotaur! We are an excelllent space for corporate events, team-building activities, and birthday parties. With a spacious lobby and a small lot for parking, we offer a perfect space in Hollywood to gather your friends and family for a day of puzzle-solving adventure!

Escape room in Hollywood


Cannibal's Den 2.0

60 min

Your head hurts; the world is still fuzzy. You remember being with your friends, stuck on the side of the road. You remember the man who picked you all up to help you to the next town. You remember thinking he was so nice, but the last memory you have is of his smile slowly stretching across his face as you drift off — something about it will haunt you forever. The dark room you’ve woken to is cold, damp and uninviting. You don’t know how many people this has happened to but you aren’t the first. As panic sets in you realize there are only two ways this can go: You either sit tight and wait to be methodically butchered into the man’s next meal or you can do all you can to make your escape from his demented jail!

The Cannibal's Den is a thrilling and suspenseful prison break escape room experience that puts you in the hands of a serial killer obsessed with the legacy of Hannibal Lector. With only a few objects left out, this game pits your ingenuity and wits against the clock. This game may include acting, uses fog and is 60 minutes long.



75 min
Historic Adventure

The greatest perfumer in the world has been executed. The scents he crafted were well-known throughout all of 18th Century France but it was recently revealed he had been creating them by mercilessly slaying young women. As he was first captured he was ranting and raving about how close he was to creating the ‘Perfect Perfume’ a mythical scent that would entrance and enthrall any who encountered it. Completing this scent would give you the power to bend the world to your will and you plan to do exactly that! You and your fellow Perfumers have resolved to break into his perfumery, complete his life’s work and take it all for yourselves. Do you have the nose and nerve to achieve real perfection? And can you do so before the Gendarmerie arrives?

Perfumer is a dark, historic, fictional adventure; involving all the senses. Where you will need to have a person in your party with a good sense of smell, in order to investigate and solve the mystery. The game has mild physical activity and is 75 minutes long.


Red Giant

60 min
Action Adventure

The Pink Pyramid. A testament to the civilization who crafted it and surrounded it with glorious cities and streets, bustling with ancient life. You’ve heard stories whispered in taverns about the treasures it may hold though none have ever uncovered more than scraps and most who venture in do not return; those who do are not the same as they were. You have dreamed your entire life about being the first to find the most notorious gem hidden in the pyramid’s walls; The Red Giant. Not only the most valuable ruby known to man but one that has never been seen beyond paintings on walls. As an adult you are now prepared to live that dream and you’ve assembled a team to assist you. You have all the resources you need and you stand before the mouth of the tomb that will grant your deepest desires or doom you. How far will you go and what will you sacrifice to obtain The Red Giant?

Red Giant is one of the most infamous Escape Rooms in Los Angeles. An adventure jam-packed with action and excitement; the Red Giant goes above and beyond most escape rooms. You and your group enter into the renowned Pink Pyramid but soon find your oxygen is limited. You have 60 minutes before it runs out. Can you escape with the Red Giant?


Project Minotaur

100 min
Interactive Horror Adventure

You were having a wonderful vacation when you and your friends decided to participate in a very exclusive Temple Tour — which was way more boring than you thought it would be. Across from your last site however, is a large military base. You ask your guide about it and are met with frantic denial that only pushes you to a higher level of curiosity. You sneak away from the tour and find an opening in the fence. You’ve found your way inside but you realize quickly that this may not have been the best idea. There’s something going on here — some sort of twisted science and you and your friends have stumbled your way into being the newest test subjects for PROJECT: MINOTAUR. Can you make your way out of the base before you encounter the experiment’s namesake?

This haunted house escape game is our most epic thriller and grandest design. It is over 1600 square feet total. This room is not just a haunted house escape room. This is an EVENT. It is a Thrill Theater with challenges that will push you to the limit — and it should be played as such. We recommend a group with diverse skills and abilities. WARNING: PLEASE NOTE that Project Minotaur is a live experience with actors, and it’s physically demanding. It contains enclosed spaces, strobe lighting, narrow hallways, you may be bruised, scraped, get liquids on you and be made fun of and the actors in the room may physically interact with you in a non-harmful manner. If you have neck, back, or knee injuries that prevent you from crawling, climbing, enduring any fast and sudden movements, or if you have severe claustrophobia we do not recommend playing. Tickets will not be refunded if players tap out of the game. Email [email protected] if you have questions BEFORE booking!

Escape Room Schedule

You can view the schedule for all aviable rooms and choose the most convinient time for your experience.

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Our recent guests
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Meet the Team at Hollywood!

Located off of Santa Monica Boulevard, these great Game Masters are ready to make you scream, hunt, make your heart pound or even make you smell something- depending on the game you book! If you've played with us before and forgot which game master ran your game take a look and maybe you'll see their face!

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Reviews about Hollywood (Los Angeles)

Savanna A.

It was actually so fun to go there, the escape rooms are so well done and the people that work there seem like they really love their jobs. It just makes the all around experience amazing and fun, would definitely recommend going there. Coolest ever


Johanna Aguilar

Wow! Amazing experience. Our group did Cannnibal’s Den and it was so much fun!! Very intense but fun and immersive. The props the room and the staff were all amazing, it truly made the whole experience welcoming and amazing. Super excited to try the other rooms, looking forward to coming back soon!


Zach Horton

This was the best escape room experience I have had. The staff works very hard and it shows. Well worth the money and Matt really helped immerse my group. 100% recommend The Minotaur escape room!!


Michelle M.

Great experience especially with a group of friends! Loved how long this escape room was. My group did the Minotaur. Was a fun time. Definitely recommend above any other escape room!!


Brooke R.

We did the Project Minotaur room and it was so crazy but so much fun! Such an immersive room and it literally had my heart pounding! If you like escape rooms this is definitely one to try but it is not for the faint of heart. Our game masters Alex and Matt were awesome as well. Would definitely like to come back and do another room.


Shannon H.

We did the red giant and it was the best room for our group! We had a group of 8 year old boys and it couldn't have been a more fun experience!!



This just made our trip. Jeff was full of character and really helped immerse us in the game. Im gonna get a train ticket and come back next week for my birthday! Thanks Jeff!


Melissa Hunt

Loved the red giant room!! And our game master was Antonio who was awesome. We did the room as a family and it was a great way to bond and connect!


Gabby Torrez

Questroom always has the best escape experiences! Perfumer was a fun, challenging room and our game masters were amazing!!! 😊


Amanda Garcia

All the rooms here are awesome and such an immersive experience!! Matt & Chris took great care of us and we had a blast!


Connor Simrell

Jeff was f’ing amazing. The cannibal room was super practical and immersive. Truly consider it if you want a light-moderate scare with actual escape elements.

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