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23 Mar, 2023
9 min read

Is There an Age Limit for Escape Rooms?

Is There Any Age Limit for Escape Rooms | Questroom

Escape rooms have become increasingly popular over the past few years, offering a fun and unique way to challenge your mind. Whether you’re looking for an exciting night out with friends or family, or just want to test your problem-solving skills, there is something for everyone in an escape room.

But what is an appropriate age for escape room games? It’s crucial to consider the age range of each experience before booking — some may be too difficult for young children, while others could be too tame for teens and adults. However, with careful consideration of the age range, escape rooms can offer a thrilling adventure that will delight all ages!

Let’s break down the considerations that come with different escape experiences and how you can plan for the perfect game!

Escape Room Age Requirements: What Is The Minimum Age to Play?

Most escape companies will implement age requirements or restrictions for their games. It’s important to double-check these guidelines before booking, as some experiences may not be suitable for younger children or those under a certain age.

At Questroom, we allow all ages to take part. However, we do have some recommendations for ages in games, depending on different aspects of the room. We believe you know your kids best, but we still require one adult in the game who takes responsibility for them while they are escaping.

Any child three or under can play for free (since we doubt they’ll be solving much of anything!), but they still count toward the total headcount. Your supervising adult also counts towards the headcount, and we require a ticket for them.

What Affects the Escape Room Age Rating?

Ratings can help you determine the appropriate age for escape room experiences. So what goes into determining the ages that are best for each game? We consider a variety of factors when applying a “rating” to our rooms to help create the best experience for our guests:

The Design Of The Game

One of the ways we determine our recommendations is very similar to how movie companies choose the ratings for films. For example:

  • Is there swearing?
  • Does it feature adult themes?
  • How scary is the overall environment?

We have several rooms designed to cater to a broader audience, which are tamer and could be considered “family-friendly rooms.” These are perfect for adults or kids, as they tend to avoid anything that might make them inherently “mature.”

For design, a mature experience may mean the room features blood or butchered bodies. There could also be adult themes, such as nudity on mannequins and other displays. It is up to the team’s discretion to ensure that all participants are comfortable with the environment and that no one gets left out.

The Unique Plot

The plot plays a critical role when it comes to escape room experiences. We make sure that our stories are incredibly engaging and exciting, impacting the room's overall rating. That’s why taking a look at a game’s plot should be part of your consideration.

For instance, some of our plots include getting drunk at a college party and blacking out, only to wake up locked up and unsure of how to escape. As you can imagine, this may not be the best for teens or kids!

Other games are mystical fantasy adventures, such as a quest to save a wizard’s magic. These are catered to a specific audience, and while we don’t restrict them based on age, it is up to parents to decide what their kids are allowed to do. You can always check out our full list of scenarios online to see what may best fit your needs!

The Difficulty of Puzzles

Difficulty can make (or break!) an escape room experience. We always try to find a balance between too easy and too hard but understand that everyone has different levels of expertise in puzzles.

If you want to bring your child to an escape room, make sure that the escape room age requirements match their abilities. While our rooms are never too easy, we work hard to ensure that any rooms are designed with kids in mind, have plenty of puzzles for them to do, and are adaptable and malleable to make sure the kids have fun.

But don’t worry — all of our rooms have unlimited hints! This makes any experience easier if you just ask for help!

The Game’s Duration

Some games take a bit longer to give the sense of being lost and trying to solve the puzzles. Others are short and thrilling — keeping the adrenaline up as you try to escape! We offer a variety of game times to fit any schedule, so you can find one that’s perfect for your group.

We have varying time options for our games. Some are 45 minutes long (such as Kablam and Polar Station). Most are an hour long, with a few going longer, including 75 minutes (Perfumer) and 100 minutes (Project Minotaur).

Games for Different Ages

Wondering what different games we feature for different ages? Here’s a general overview of our different experiences — but these are not requirements, just recommendations!

Escape Rooms for 5-Year-Olds and Up


A group of candy makers has been summoned to a sky base via a hot air balloon, where they meet the most notorious villain in the city. The villain has tasked them with making some mischief that no good guy can resist. It is up to the candy makers if they are brave enough to take on the challenge and make something that could change the city forever!


Set in the mystical and far-off kingdom of Questoria, a powerful wizard needs help from adventurers such as yourself and your friends or family. You must join forces and embark on an epic quest to save not only the heir of the kingdom but also the magical life force that ties it all together.

To ensure everyone can participate, strobe lighting effects and fog machines are used in certain areas that you can skip if they cause discomfort.

Escape Rooms for 7-Year-Olds and Up

Spell Breakers

Spell Breakers is a 60-minute interactive experience for kids that blends team building and immersive storytelling. It's set in a mystical cabin in the middle of a magical forest and follows the story of a brave Warrior who an evil Witch has cursed.

Kid-friendly and safe, this experience uses fog and strobe lighting effects to create a unique atmosphere.


Malediction is an interactive escape room experience that requires teamwork and strategic problem-solving. The normal version is great for older kids, but also It features a 'Dark Mode' option, which can transform the game into a more raunchy, mature-rated version with additional challenges.

Red Giant

Red Giant Escape Room is an exciting and thrilling adventure located in the renowned Pink Pyramid of Los Angeles. Players must work together as a team to solve puzzles, unlock mysteries and unravel clues within 60 minutes before their oxygen runs out.

The ultimate goal is to uncover the legendary Red Giant, a valuable ruby that has never been seen outside of paintings.


Players are challenged to break into the perfumery of the world's greatest perfumer, who was recently executed, to complete his life’s work and take possession of his mythical scent, which will grant great power.

This 75-minute game requires players to use their sense of smell and mental and physical agility to overcome a range of deadly puzzles and traps to take possession of the Perfect Perfume.

Polar Station

In the Polar Station Escape Room, you have only 30 minutes to save yourself from a frozen death. Stranded in a desolate wasteland, you find an abandoned station in the distance and make your way there for shelter. Use logic and teamwork to find the clues and solve puzzles around the station, piece together evidence and make your way out before time runs out. Will you survive this challenge?

Escape Rooms for 14-Year-Olds and Up

Bloody Elbow

In the 15th century, you were arrested and sentenced to death for practicing witchcraft. You must fight against time and the dread of Bloody Elbow's return to escape from the dungeon in 60 minutes or less. In this thrilling adventure, you will be challenged mentally and physically to get out of the darkness before it is too late. Train your memory and solve puzzles, find hidden items, and work together to get out before the time runs out.

Cannibal's Den

The Cannibal's Den escape room experience is an intense, suspenseful challenge that takes you into the deranged mind of a serial killer inspired by the infamous Hannibal Lecter. With limited resources and sixty minutes to save yourself, this game demands quick thinking and problem-solving skills to navigate its complex puzzles.


In Resurrection, you are tasked with the challenge of helping a lead detective investigate the home of a recent victim of a serial killer. With only one hour to solve the case before the police arrive, you must search for evidence that may lead to identifying the culprit. The game is designed to be both terrifying and comedic, featuring moderate physical activity, strobe lighting, and fog effects.

Escape Rooms for Adults

Da Vinci's Challenge

In the 15th century, Leonardo Da Vinci was an enigma. His workshop, situated in bustling Florence, attracted students from around the world seeking to acquire knowledge from one of the greatest minds ever. To prove their worth and gain entry, prospective students had to complete a challenging puzzle created by Da Vinci himself — a task many failed to complete!


Amnesia is an immersive and exciting 60-minute gaming experience that blends a comedic thriller with a live actor element. Participants will explore the professor's apartment in search of what happened last night, all while dealing with some spontaneous physical activity, strobe lighting, and fog effects. Amnesia is wheelchair accessible and requires players to use their wits and work as a team to save the professor and themselves before time runs out.

Project Minotaur

Project Minotaur is the ultimate live interactive experience that challenges you with over 1600 square feet of space. It features actors, strobe lighting, enclosed spaces, narrow hallways, physical challenges, and more. This thrilling game may involve being jostled around and getting liquids on you! It's more than just a room — it's an event you'll never forget!

Book Your Next Game Today!

If you are ready to take on one of our incredible and immersive rooms, book online today! We are masters at making one-of-a-kind experiences that you won't find anywhere else! So come join us and see what adventure awaits you.

You can check out our full list of games and book online here, or contact us by email or at 310-707-1240. We can’t wait to welcome you to an unforgettable adventure in our LA room escape!

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