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01 Dec, 2022
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Are Escape Rooms Scary?

Are Escape Rooms Scary | Escape Room Redondo Beach | Questroom

I’ll jump to the point — NO,not inherently.. It all depends on the room! Escape Rooms have many themes, from scary to family-friendly; plenty of rooms are designed for kids to enjoy!

Here at Questroom we have Kablam, Warlocked and Spell Breakers that are designed to be fantasy, adventure or mystical rooms with absolutely nothing scary!

We have Historical Rooms like DaVinci’s Challenge that are meant to be difficult and intricate and then, of course, we do have several scary rooms too — but even those come on a sliding scale from just a little creepy, barely anything scary at all (Perfumer) to absolutely terrifying (Project Minotaur).

You Have No Reason to be Afraid!

We get it, if you haven’t done an escape room before you may think ‘is escape room scary?’ and back away from it all together. Well, you’re missing out on a world of fun! To help you get rid of that hesitation see if your fear is below and hopefully we can help you move past it!

  • “I’m afraid of scary games.”

I understand — I jump if I see dust on the ground that looks like a spider. If spooky vibes aren’t for you just choose a game that works for you! Like we said, there’s a genre for everyone out there.

  • “I’m afraid of being locked in.”

I hear you! It can be unnerving to be locked in a room but we have a secret for you — you can leave at any time. We have buttons to press to get you out if you need. We only lock the door to help set the atmosphere!

  • “I’m afraid of what happens if I lose.”

If you get stuck you can ask for a hint! You have unlimited hints in all rooms with Questroom. Moreover, our rooms are divided by difficulty levels. Start with quests for beginners if you are not yet confident in your abilities and soon enough you’ll be an escape expert! Even if you lose, no one gets hurt :)

  • “I’m scared of the actors.”

Are you afraid that the actors will touch you or that you’ll have to run away from the characters? Don't worry. Not all of our Escape Rooms have actors. Yes, our Thrill Theater escape rooms include interaction with characters but even those aren’t all scary and more often than not they will NOT touch you. However, you can choose a game without people if you really don’t want that!

  • “I’m afraid I won’t have fun and it’ll be a waste of money.”

If you won’t listen to us, listen to reviews! If you play a game you won’t regret it. It feels like the rush of a scary movie or a roller coaster — there is no reason to be afraid because at the end of the day it is a game; you are supposed to be having fun! Give it a chance and we will make sure it's an unforgettable experience. You will definitely want to come back!

But What if You Want Scary?

Well, we have it here! We make our scary rooms scary by using lighting and sound to set the scene. Lights are kept dim to hide things until you creep into the dark, sounds change when you open doors or solve a puzzle to build intense anticipation. We also use fog machines, blackouts and strobe effects to create climactic and exciting moments in the game! What should you expect to happen in a scary room?

  • It will stimulate all the senses.

You need to feel around, look around, listen, and in some cases smell! While in general you don’t have to taste, we can't guarantee there aren’t rooms that will do it! Textures, visuals and unsettling audio are designed to put you on the edge of your seat!

  • It will activate your Fight or Flight.

A big part of them being scary is knowing you need to push yourself forward; it is not like a roller coaster that moves you — YOU move the game. Something about knowing you need to keep moving forward ramps up the fear.

  • It will push you to think like a Detective.

You need to think — and FAST! The killer could be right around the corner! You might find out you do extremely well under the pressure of a timed experience.

  • It will unite your team.

In some escape rooms you may need to split your group; in that case you have an even higher push to reunite your group and the stakes feel much higher. You never appreciate your team more than when you’re fighting to get back with them!

  • It will leave a lasting impression.

When you play a game labeled as scary, you assume the end will be the scariest part and you build up a climactic ending throughout the game that makes you more anxious and nervous as you get closer to the end but also more excited! Emotions like that are STRONG and you’ll remember the experience well after it’s over.

Want to Try It Out? Have Some Tips!

New experiences can be scarier than the rooms we offer and I get that. I still remember my first scary room and I’ve grown a ton since then — I have some ProTips for you to help you out as you go through figuring out this new spooky activity!

  • Do not choose a scary room if you have health problems.

This is supposed to be a fun game and we encourage pushing yourself, but above all stay safe and take care of yourself! If you have any concerns, or if you think a scary game might not be for you but you want to try, give the company a call and check for warnings and advice!

  • Let yourself BELIEVE the story.

The biggest factor in a room landing right can be believing the history of the world the game creates. Don’t over analyze the puzzles and the technical reality — live in the moment!

  • Wear comfy clothes.

This one is truly a pro-tip if there ever was one. Even if it’s a date, even if it's a work event — dress for comfort. You will be moving, you may need to crawl, stoop, climb or slide, doing that in heels or in a button up can take away from the experience. Closed toed shoes only, leave the sandals at home.

  • Don’t run.

On the note of footwear, even if you have track shoes on Do. Not. Run. Just don’t. It’s probably dark. You can’t see your footing well. It’s just a recipe for disaster. This is a good rule for anything physical (stepping down, crawling, crouching, etc.) — take your time. A well-designed room will give you that time in those moments to make sure you are careful.

  • Emotionally prepare.

You are going into a scary environment. Ramp yourself up into it. Going in cold can be jarring, get yourself hyped up for some spooky times and start with the anticipation high!

  • Don’t hurt an actor.

This is why we emotionally prepare. Your game will end if you lash out and hurt your actor, and you probably won’t be allowed back. Prep for your environment, let yourself get into it, but remember the actor is a person too ( this is also a good reminder if you find yourself feeling TOO scared). Remember it is just a game!

Frequently Asked Questions About Scary Rooms

They can be but at the same time plenty of people with anxiety LOVE scary escape rooms! It really just depends on your suspension of disbelief and if you like the genre. We can’t speak for every escape room, but Questroom games are safe — they carry only the risk of your own actions. We don’t require you to do anything dangerous but, for example, if you choose to throw a prop on the ground and then run, which we tell you not to do, you could trip and hurt yourself.

  • Do you have jump scares?

Some of our scarier rooms do have ‘jump scare’ moments.

  • Which of your games is the scariest?

Our scariest game by far is Project Minotaur. That game has two live actors who can touch you, and 1600 sq. ft. you need to traverse in order to escape.

  • What rooms would you recommend for people who have never done a scary room?

From our rooms, maybe try Red Giant or Perfumer first. Neither of these games are meant to be scary, and if you find they aren't to you, try Bloody Elbow or Cannibal’s Den next and then move on to the live actor games like Amnesia and then Resurrection. If you survive Resurrection you can try your hand at the king of Questroom thrill theaters: Project Minotaur.

Ready to Test Yourself?

Do you want to try a horror room yourself or with a group? Book a scare at Questroom online at! If you have any questions or need assistance feel free to call us at 310-707-1240 or email [email protected] and we will be happy to help you start your spooky adventure!

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