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15 Dec, 2022
5 min read

What to Wear to an Escape Room?

Perfumer Escape Room Hollywood | Questroom

For starters, I’ll say it: There is no official escape room dress code. You can wear whatever you want and people always show up in a wide variety of styles. That is fine! But what you wear does impact your escape room experience.

Your outfit choice can make your game easier or harder. It can even affect how much you enjoy the room. Heck, some people even dress according to the theme of the scenario they’re completing to enhance their experience!

While you can wear anything, there are definitely some must-haves and things you should probably leave in the closet. The following wardrobe tips will help you make the most of your escape room adventure.

What to Wear

The rule of thumb when preparing to visit a room escape in Los Angeles is to wear comfortable clothes. Footwear, clothes, and accessories that allow you to move freely and confidently are ideal.

Closed-Toe Shoes

This is the biggest must, must, MUST-have on the entire list. A comfortable pair of shoes or sneakers are needed for a good experience.

You don’t fully know what you are walking into—and that is part of the fun! Protect your feet so that you don’t even have to give them a second thought—your brain is too busy for that!

Comfortable Clothing

You want to feel perfectly comfortable to focus on the game. Wear loose clothing—nothing insanely baggy but a good snug fit that lets you stretch and move.

Many escape rooms involve climbing, crawling, or crouching down, and you don’t want your clothes snagging on things or overly tight clothing cutting off your circulation.

Contacts or Glasses

I definitely recommend contacts if you have them. They are less worrisome than glasses inside the room: you don’t need to worry about putting them down, taking them off, dropping or breaking them.

If you do not have contacts then still be sure to bring your glasses. Yes, the above becomes a worry but that’s still better than not being able to solve a puzzle because you can’t read it!

What NOT to Wear

The following items are things you’d do best to skip when dressing for your escape room adventure.

Heels or Sandals

Just like heaven-sent closed-toed shoes were the main attraction on the first list, open-toed shoes are their escape room antithesis.

Nothing can ruin a game faster than stubbing your toe, breaking a heel, or being distracted by any general discomfort your shoes cause.

You may not be running, but heels and sandals can be hazardous in general. Stick with comfy, safe shoes and leave these at home.

Tight or Short Clothing

Escape rooms can get physical. You need to climb, crawl, or take big steps up and you don’t want to worry about skirts or, god-forbid, tearing. You want to be able to move freely—you can’t escape through tight spaces like the hole in the prison cell if you can’t bend down!

Expensive Clothes

You never know what can happen in a room. Water effects, fog, textures, and more could leave a residue on that fancy jacket. Leave the expensive stuff you can’t dry clean in the car!


Not all accessories are bad. But most are—at least at an escape room. Ties, long chunky necklaces, and other loose items run the risk of catching on things, breaking, or hurting you.

Rings or other jewelry that will stay in place are fine, but avoid carrying the big purse and the headphones into the room—leave them in the provided locker.

The Perfect Outfit for an Escape Room

It exists. It’s in your closet right now. Grab your favorite loose shirt. Your least restrictive pants. Your most comfortable shoes. There it is. But actually, the perfect outfit is whatever you feel comfortable and confident in.

For some people, that could be what was described above. For some, it is an outfit that makes them a part of the room! I know I’ve dressed up as a sorcerer to play in a magic-themed room. I’ve seen archeologists, historians, detectives, witches, and frat boys (yes both in reality and as a clear costume choice). Dressing the part could even boost your performance if your chosen costume inspires helpful characteristics like attentiveness or carefulness.

Will Wearing a Bad Outfit Ruin My Game?

Not if you don’t let it. While these are suggestions, it's all about YOUR comfort. We can’t tell you how to dress or how not to dress!

Wear what makes you comfortable, and keep in mind the limitations that your outfit choice sets for you. If you are okay with that and are aware of it going in, you can still have a fantastic time!

The goal? Think about your outfit before the room so you don’t have to spend a second in the room thinking about it.

Tip: If this is your first time visiting an escape room, it’s also a good idea to read up on escape room rules and things you shouldn’t do in escape rooms to ensure the best possible time.

Are you Dressed Up and Ready for Adventure?

We can’t wait to see your escape room outfit! Show it to us as soon as possible by booking online at

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to call us at your nearest Quest Room location or email [email protected]. We will be happy to help you choose the perfect adventure to fit your ensemble!

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