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18 Mar, 2024
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Spring Break Delights: Exciting Activities in Los Angeles

Spring Break at Questroom Hollywood | Questroom

Are there things to do during Spring Break in Los Angeles? This year, consider swapping sandy beaches for the vibrant city lights of Los Angeles. With its sunny weather, iconic landmarks, and diverse range of activities, LA offers something for every traveler. From thrilling theme parks and world-class museums to beautiful hiking trails and gourmet food tours, your Los Angeles spring break promises to be unforgettable.

Los Angeles Spring Break Activities List

Visit the Fashion District

Spanning around 100 blocks in downtown Los Angeles, the L.A. Fashion District is a must-visit. Wander through its streets and explore a fashion world filled with textiles, accessories, the Flower Mart, fabrics, and tailor-made items.

Try to Escape the Room

Escape rooms located in the bustling city of Los Angeles offer a unique, fun-filled, and bonding experience that involves groups of individuals working together to solve complex problems. This engaging activity involves tackling a series of challenging quizzes and mind-boggling puzzles that serve as an excellent platform to bring together friends, family members, and partners in a stimulating environment.

In this scenario, players are tasked with unraveling the mysteries of the room and finding their way out. The participants must pool their collective skills and knowledge to decipher clues, solve riddles, and overcome obstacles. Even though it's common for disagreements to arise within a large group, especially under pressure, these differences in perspective and approach often become the key to finding innovative solutions to the intricate puzzles that stand between them and their 'escape' from the room.

This dynamic highlights the unique appeal of escape rooms. They not only test the intellectual mettle and teamwork capabilities of the participants but also help forge stronger bonds among them. Through the process of negotiation, compromise, and collaboration, each participant brings their strengths to the table, contributing to the shared goal of 'escaping the room,' making the experience unforgettable.

Get in Touch with Nature and the Underwater World

  • Go for a Camel Ride

Certainly, horseback riding is enjoyable, but not many children can claim they've ridden a camel. At Oasis Camel Dairy in Ramona, children have the opportunity to ride these magnificent desert animals. What's more, this is an operating camel dairy, allowing the entire family to partake in a private tour and feed apple pops to the camels (and even to the miniature sheep).

  • Whale Watch

Whale-watching season in Southern California usually coincides with spring break. Given the popularity of these cruises, it's recommended to secure your spot early by booking in advance.

  • Go to the Aquarium of the Pacific

Discover the mysteries and splendor of the deep when you explore the famed Aquarium of the Pacific. This institution is dedicated to exploration and immersive education and spotlights the Pacific Ocean's ecosystem. It houses over 12,000 marine animals from almost 500 varied species.

  • Explore both Large and Compact Zoos

If you're a local in Los Angeles, you're likely familiar with the renowned zoos in the region, including those in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and, of course, San Diego. The Los Angeles Zoo is an exceptional choice for a sunny day outing in L.A. The zoo offers top-tier exhibits and educational activities for all ages, bringing a diverse range of reptiles, mammals, and plants to life in a way you might not expect. Don't miss the Indian Rhino Encounter, where you can meet Randa on weekends and holidays at noon.

  • Discover the Joshua Tree National Park and its environs

Whether you're planning a trip with friends and family or going solo, it's the perfect time for a vacation in Joshua Tree. Consider camping overnight in a tent, gearing up for some hiking, exploring the impressive Noah Purifoy's Outdoor Art Museum, or stepping back in time with a visit to Pioneertown!

Visit Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is an excellent destination for a day out, especially during Los Angeles county Spring Break. It caters to children of all ages with a wide range of attractions. The recent addition of the first Super Nintendo World in the U.S. is a highlight. This area, located near Jurassic Park: The Ride, allows visitors to interact with famous characters from popular video games like Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach.

  • Come to Universal California

Treat yourself to delightful Butterbeer drafts, engage with your favorite Pets in Manhattan, and immerse yourself in Jurassic-level entertainment. Universal California is pulling out all the stops, and you don't want to miss it!

Get an insider's look at your most-loved blockbuster movies and TV shows as you explore the thrilling sights, shocks, and tales of this famous theme park. Take a tour of a real, functioning movie studio, join the Fast & Furious crew in high-speed car chases and special effects, or embark on a journey to Harry Potter's Forbidden Forest.

Younger visitors will be thrilled to play with their favorite Minions, while older kids will be amazed by the flight simulation technology used on the Transformers ride.

  • Dive into Super Nintendo World

As soon as guests step through the iconic green pipe, they embark on a unique journey filled with exploration, discovery, and fun. The adventure kicks off in Peach's Castle before delving deeper into the vibrant Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Nintendo World immerses guests in the thrilling 360-degree universe of Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach, making them an essential part of this exhilarating world. Moreover, the purchase of a Power-Up Band, which is a wearable, interactive wristband, enhances guest interactions throughout the area.

Go to World of Illusion

Want to spice up your Instagram profile? The World of Illusion in Los Angeles is the perfect place to create a multitude of family-friendly memories and enhance your online presence.

This immersive and interactive venue showcases four distinct exhibits that promise to confound your mind and delight your senses. Dedicate an afternoon to discovering the attractions of the Giant's House, the Museum of Illusions, the Upside Down House, and Smash It.

Capture a series of striking selfies as you slide down an elephant's trunk, pose for your very own Vogue cover, or even attempt to prepare breakfast in an upside-down kitchen.

Whether you're playing with size and oversized donuts at the Giant's House or venting your frustration by smashing plates and breakable items at Smash It, the World of Illusion always has something new to discover.

Visit Disneyland

Disney magic is a common choice of what to do for Spring Break in Los Angeles. So, immerse yourself in the 'happiest place on Earth,' Disneyland, for a day or two of pure joy. The original hub of thrilling attractions, friendly character interactions, and breathtaking nightly fireworks, Disneyland proves it's a place for all ages to enjoy.

Embark on a thrilling adventure with the Pirates of the Caribbean, then experience the exhilarating sensation of Space Mountain. Or, join the brave crew of the Millennium Falcon on Smuggler's Run.

Whether you're spending time with the famous Avengers superheroes or feeling the adrenaline rush with the Radiator Springs Racers, there are countless ways to add a sprinkle of Disney delight to your life.

Spend Your Time at the Beach or Outdoors

  • Take a Trip to Catalina Island

Spring break provides an ideal opportunity to escape with your family to the nearby but secluded Catalina Island. Consider taking a Jeep Eco-Tour with your children to observe the bison residing on the island.

  • Take a Leisurely Drive Up the 101 to Santa Barbara

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city this spring break and take a short drive up the 101 to Santa Barbara. This moderately-sized city, celebrated for its stunning beaches, rich culture, and delicious cuisine, serves as an ideal staycation spot for residents of Los Angeles.

Tour Museums

Los Angeles and its surrounding areas are rich in museums that cater to various interests. If you're looking for a new cultural experience, consider exploring a museum you haven't visited before or even travel to a different city to check out their museum offerings. Planning a day out can sometimes be challenging, but a museum visit provides a comprehensive experience incorporating exploration, interactive exhibits, convenient food options, and amenities like clean restrooms - particularly beneficial for parents with young kids. If you're unsure about spring break activities and have multiple children, a trip to a museum could be an excellent choice, as it caters to different ages and learning preferences. Some museums to consider include Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena, Peterson Auto Museum, Natural History Museum in downtown LA, The Broad in downtown LA, and the California Space Center in Beverly Hills.

Book an Escape Room for Spring Break in Los Angeles

This Spring Break, have an unforgettable experience by booking an escape room at QuestRoom. With locations in Korea Town, Hollywood, Redondo Beach, and Culver City, you're always near an exciting adventure. Booking is simple and fast through our online portal: QuestRoom Schedule. If you have any questions or need assistance, our friendly team is ready to help. You can reach us at 310-707-1240 or use our online chat function.

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