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Questroom Plano is our newly revealed escape room facility located on the second floor. Dive into thrilling games like Bloody Elbow, DaVinci's Challenge, Spellbreakers, Malediction, Cannibal’s Den, and Red Giant.

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Cannibal's Den Escape Room Poster
Cannibal's Den

Your head hurts; the world is still fuzzy. You remember being with your friends, stuck on the side of the road. You remember the man who picked you all up to help you to the next town. You remember thinking he was so nice, but the last memory you have is of his smile slowly stretching across his face as you drift off — something about it will haunt you forever. The dark room you’ve woken to is cold, damp and uninviting. You don’t know how many people this has happened to but you aren’t the first. As panic sets in you realize there are only two ways this can go: You either sit tight and wait to be methodically butchered into the man’s next meal or you can do all you can to make your escape from his demented jail!

Cannibal's Den 2.0 is a thrilling and suspenseful escape room experience that puts you in the hands of a serial killer obsessed with the legacy of Hannibal Lector. This game pits your ingenuity and wits against the clock.

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Da Vinci's Challenge Escape Room Poster
Da Vinci's Challenge

In the 15th Century there is no man, no academic, as well known as Leonardo Da Vinci. In the bustle of Florence many young minds crave nothing more than to work with the master of science and art. They travel from far and wide to see what knowledge he can bestow on them and you yourself are one of such students. Steps away from realizing your dream, you enter his workshop and feel your breath catch in your throat. This is no simple workshop. This entire room is a test designed to see if you are truly deserving of his effort. Do you have what it takes to prove your worth? Or will you be one of the many minds to fall into the margins of history?

Taking place late into the 15th century when Leonardo Da Vinci was at his peak, Da Vinci’s Challenge is a Historic/Adventure that gives you 60 minutes to solve a puzzle made by Da Vinci himself to test you. See if you are able to prove yourself in the eyes of one of the most genius minds of all time.

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Malediction Escape Room Poster

NOTE: This game is the adult version of our game Spell Breakers

As you and your fellow adventurers stumble through a mystical wood you find yourselves in front of an old cabin. As you head towards it you begin to hear the echoes of a cursed tale — the story of a malevolent Witch whose wickedness was challenged by a brave and noble Warrior. Their battle raged but ultimately it seemed the Warrior’s blade was no match for the Witch’s dark magic and thus the Warrior was transformed into stone under the Witch’s curse. If you wish to survive and find your way home you need to break into the Witch’s cabin to create a magical elixir that can transform the Warrior back — otherwise you may find yourselves as the next stone statues!

Malediction is a heavily interactive escape room experience.

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Red Giant Escape Room Poster
Red Giant

The Pink Pyramid. A testament to the civilization who crafted it and surrounded it with glorious cities and streets, bustling with ancient life. You’ve heard stories whispered in taverns about the treasures it may hold though none have ever uncovered more than scraps and most who venture in do not return; those who do are not the same as they were. You have dreamed your entire life about being the first to find the most notorious gem hidden in the pyramid’s walls; The Red Giant. Not only the most valuable ruby known to man but one that has never been seen beyond paintings on walls. As an adult you are now prepared to live that dream and you’ve assembled a team to assist you. You have all the resources you need and you stand before the mouth of the tomb that will grant your deepest desires or doom you. How far will you go and what will you sacrifice to obtain The Red Giant?

Red Giant is one of the most infamous Escape Rooms in Los Angeles. An adventure jam-packed with action and excitement; Red Giant goes above and beyond most escape rooms. You and your group enter into the renowned Pink Pyramid but soon find your oxygen is limited. You have 60 minutes before it runs out. Can you escape with the Red Giant?

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Spell Breakers Escape Room Poster
Spell Breakers

NOTE: This is a family friendly version of our game Malediction

You and your fellow adventurers find yourselves lost in a magical forest when you stumble upon a mystical cabin. As you get closer you hear whispers and echoes of a cursed tale — the story of an evil Witch who was finally challenged by a brave Warrior. The Warrior fought hard to take the Witch down, but ultimately the Witch was too powerful and the Warrior was turned to stone by the Witch's curse. If you want to find your way home you need to break into the Witch’s cabin to create a magical potion that can transform the Warrior back — otherwise you may find yourselves as the next stone statues!

Spell Breakers is a kid-friendly interactive experience. It emphasizes immersion and team building quests within the game between the players.

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You are in darkness, hooded and forced into a cell. Your ritual was overtaken, and the Holy Inquisitor paraded you through town. You, your friends, your work — treated as a cautionary tale. Now? Nothing but darkness. This is not YOUR darkness though. It doesn’t wrap around you in comfort but it encapsulates you, bars you in promising pain. Your execution is set and the man designated to perform it is famous in this town for his grudge against any practitioners of the dark arts. If he has his way with you your death will not be swift. Will you escape to practice your magic again or will Bloody Elbow pull the evil out of you one bone at a time?

Taking place in the 15th century, you have been arrested. Your crime? Witchcraft. This game is a Thrilling Adventure to escape from the dungeon before the Bloody Elbow returns to strike you down. You only have 60 minutes to get out. Can you survive?

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Wow, five out of five doesn't even do justice to the amazing time we had! 🌟🌟🌟

Questroom Review

We just had an amazing time experiencing Malediction! 🎉

Questroom Review

If we had to sum up our experience in one word, it would be "unforgettable"! 🎉

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We had an amazing time in Resurrection at Questroom! 🎉

Questroom Review

Oh, man, our first escape room experience was quite an adventure! 😅

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Hey, everyone! We just conquered Polar Station, and it was an unforgettable experience! 🎉


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