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02 Jan, 2023
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The Best Escape Rooms for Teenage Birthday Parties

Teenage Birthday Party in an Escape Room | Escape Room Near Me | Questroom

Birthdays are a once-a-year event that’s meant to be just for the birthday boy or girl and escape rooms are an excellent option for a fun, inventive party. Even just the sound of it; an ‘Escape Room Teenage Birthday Party’ Sounds cooler than just going bowling or hanging out with your friends. It’s an engaging activity that gives you a wonderful experience and memories.

How you plan an escape room party depends on two things:

  • Is the escape room your main event or just a part of the day?
  • How many players do you have and how many are minors? Here at Questroom we require at least one adult in every game and we have strict player capacities for our rooms, regardless of location.

If you would go over capacity for a room you can either book the same room multiple times in a row so everyone gets the same experience and play in teams or you can book multiple different rooms at around the same time and split into teams.

Race in real-time to see who completes their room faster. If the Escape Room is going to be your main event — you can just rent the entire location for a time slot or two and play them all!

Why Book an Escape Room for a Birthday Party?

That’s easy: an Escape Room gives you everything you want from a good birthday party! Take a look at all the boxes it checks for your event:

  • It’s the perfect kid-friendly activity for groups large and small.

  • Work together to accomplish tasks instead of sitting around!

  • Socialize while also engaging your brain with fun and cooperative puzzles.

  • Build deeper communication with your friends and family

  • It offers plenty of chances for the birthday person to shine! Ask what they are thinking, have them open the doors, place the final piece down, etc.

  • It is a great way to immerse them in things they like.

  • You make and share lasting memories!

  • We even take photos for you at the end of your game and we are happy to take photos of your event in the lobby or outside with signs if you want. It’ll be an adventure you never forget!

Our Best Escape Games for Teens

Now we are great for all birthdays but especially, we have PLENTY of escape rooms for teens. It’s no surprise; teenagers are always looking for fun inventive ways to celebrate and that is where Escape Rooms flourish.

Our recommendations for teens depend on what they like:

If they like scary games:

Resurrection: This comedy horror room manages to be funny and frightening as you hunt for answers to find the serial killer who murdered your friend, and maybe you find yourself in over your head when things start seeming more supernatural as your investigation goes on.

Cannibal’s Den: You and your friends were hitchhiking and got picked up by the wrong person. Now you are trapped at his house and need to make your escape before you find yourselves on his dinner plate!

Project Minotaur: Our most intense experience- this game is not for the faint of heart. If your teen wants something truly terrifying this is the game for them. Your group of tourists stumble into a military base and find yourselves as the next test group of PROJECT: Minotaur. Can you escape the base before the Minotaur finds you?

If they like fantasy games:

Warlocked: You find yourselves in a cabin in the woods, tasked with helping a trapped Wizard free his heir and save their magic and their kingdom from the clutches of the evil warlock.

Malediction: A brave warrior has been turned to stone by the evil witch and they need your help to save them! Break into the Witch’s house to craft the magic cure before the warrior is trapped in stone forever!

If they don’t like live actors:

Red Giant: Venture into the Pink Pyramids to hunt for the illustrious Red Giant, a ruby of immense wealth that has been lost for ages. Will you be the first to hold it to the light or will you fall to the Pink Pyramids like countless explorers before you?

Perfumer: The world’s most famous perfumer has been arrested — meaning it is your only chance to sneak into his workshop and steal his recipes! Word on the street is he is very close to crafting the ‘perfect’ perfume. Can you complete the perfume before the gendarmerie arrives?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the maximum number of players that can participate in the game at the same time? It depends on the game. Most games have a capacity of 6; so it can hold 5 minors and 1 adult. Some games have a capacity of 8 or even 10-but one of those players must still be an adult.

  • What if more people are invited to the party? We recommend booking multiple rooms to accommodate your party size. You can even reserve the whole location for your party if you want to! Check out our events page for a private event at a Questroom location near you!

  • Is it possible to hide a gift in an escape room? Give us a call; our managers absolutely LOVE helping people make their escape rooms more personal and a lot of them have places gifts could be hidden — it just depends on which room you want and the size of the gift.

  • Do you have a place for catering? We do not have caterers but depending on your booking we do allow food to be brought in for your event. Make sure you get it cleared by our dedicated events team by emailing us at [email protected].

  • Can I order a gift card? We have gift cards available on the website! If you need any assistance feel free to reach out and call us.

Ready for Room Escape in Los Angeles?

If you’re ready to plan a party with us we are ready to go too! You can book your games online and use the website to help book your event, or if you have questions you can call us at 310-707-1240 if you want a custom party package to feel free to email us at [email protected]!

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