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17 Dec, 2023
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Best Team Building Christmas Party Ideas for Small and Big Companies

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By the time gingerbread and Santas start appearing in supermarkets, it is important to start gathering ideas for your company's Christmas party and consider how you want to celebrate with your team. It is crucial to plan ahead as popular venues get booked up quickly, and taking the time to prepare something unique and memorable will make a lasting impression on your staff. If you're still searching for corporate Christmas party entertainment ideas, games, or themes, this blog post provides helpful holiday party ideas. The company Christmas party is a special event that stands out among other office parties and celebrations throughout the year. It offers an informal setting for colleagues to come together outside of the workplace, providing an ideal opportunity to reflect on the past year and express gratitude for successful collaboration. To foster team connection and boost morale during the holiday season, consider incorporating fun holiday team-building activities. These activities not only allow your team to bond but also help them relax and unwind amidst the busy holiday period. By prioritizing team engagement and enjoyment, you can ensure that your office holiday party is a memorable success. Explore our selection of 15+ favorite holiday team-building experiences for inspiration.

The Best Corporate Christmas Party Ideas Away from the Office

After working hard for almost a year, you're eagerly anticipating a relaxing Christmas away from the office. However, you'd rather hide behind the Christmas tree than endure another year of uninspiring "mandatory fun." If you're feeling apprehensive about your work celebration, it might be time to shake things up and leave behind the tired traditional Christmas festivities. When was the last time you reviewed your office's holiday traditions? It could be time for some fresh and unique corporate Christmas party ideas. It doesn't take much to rejuvenate a worn-out year-end party. Live music, new gift-giving customs, or even a change of venue can help reignite the holiday spirit. We have compiled a list of 20 office Christmas party game ideas to infuse new energy into your annual celebration.

Escape Rooms

An escape room is a great team-building activity for your office Christmas party. It allows your team to work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and complete challenges within a set time limit. Not only is it a fun and interactive experience, but it also helps foster teamwork and communication skills. Escape rooms offer different themes, so you can choose one that fits the holiday season or any other occasion. It's a unique and memorable way to celebrate with your colleagues and create lasting memories.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a highly enjoyable idea for a holiday team outing. Start by locating a rink, preferably an outdoor one. Check if reservations are necessary and secure a time slot for your group if required. Even if reservations aren't needed, it's recommended to research busy periods to ensure everyone can skate together. Set a date and time, arrange for skate rentals, or ask team members to bring their own, and then glide across the ice as a group.

Holiday Dinner

Holiday dinners are a popular team-building activity during Christmas. These gatherings provide an opportunity for coworkers to come together, share a meal, enjoy each other's company, and reflect on the past year. Usually, employers cover the cost of the dinner, either by making a reservation at a restaurant or ordering catering. Alternatively, a boss may choose to host a team dinner at their house as a way to express gratitude, or the team may opt for a potluck-style meal or participate in a holiday group cooking class together.

Karaoke Night

Karaoke is a popular and crowd-pleasing activity for an office Christmas party. You can either start the night with sober karaoke or save it for later when everyone is in a festive and party spirit. Book a karaoke room and provide snacks and drinks for everyone to enjoy while singing along to holiday classics, karaoke staples, and nostalgic hits.

Office Charity Event

The Christmas season is a time to spread kindness and goodwill to others. In December, teams can come together to participate in service projects that benefit the wider community. For instance, they can adopt a family to buy Christmas presents for or write Christmas cards to soldiers stationed overseas. Leaders can organize a day or half-day for the team to volunteer offsite, engaging in activities such as caroling in a nursing home, sorting toys at a donation drive, or performing general acts of service like cleaning a local strip of highway.

Pizza/Pasta-Making Class

If your office is filled with food enthusiasts, why not consider booking a pizza/pasta-making class? It's an excellent opportunity to improve your Italian cooking skills while enjoying the convenience of having all your party food taken care of!

Candle Making

Invite your team to a creative craft session where they can unleash their creativity and enjoy making something special. Treat your team to a cozy and enjoyable candle-making class, where they will learn the art of melting, pouring, and decorating candles right from the comfort of their own homes.

Card Making

Consider hosting a fun and engaging card decorating session for your team. This activity is a great opportunity for team bonding and creativity. Experienced instructors will guide your team through simple and accessible techniques, including calligraphy tips, to create a beautiful holiday gift: a handmade card! You will have the chance to explore different designs, colors, and embellishments, allowing each team member to showcase their unique style. Not only will this activity bring joy and relaxation, but it will also leave your team with a tangible reminder of their collaboration and efforts. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to create lasting memories and cultivate a positive team spirit!

Christmas Tree Cutting

A popular tradition is the collective activity of cutting a Christmas tree, followed by a gathering at a nice restaurant to enjoy holiday food together. Typically, colleagues are given the option to take the tree home or have it delivered. Adding holiday-themed gift cards and Christmas presents enhances the festive atmosphere globally.

Holiday Happy Hours

Holiday happy hours are a fantastic option for Christmas social gatherings within teams. These informal meetups provide a chance for colleagues to relax and mingle with a festive twist. To host a holiday happy hour, start by creating a menu of Christmas-themed cocktails, like poinsettia gin punches and peppermint martinis. To add interactivity, consider having participants mix their own holiday drinks. You can enhance the event by incorporating holiday games, trivia, Bingo, or Christmas-themed icebreaker questions to encourage group interaction.

Dance Classes

Instead of hosting a traditional holiday party, consider treating your employees to a fun and energetic experience by inviting them to participate in lively dance classes. Not only will this provide a unique and memorable event for your team, but it will also promote bonding and team spirit. With friendly and experienced instructors leading the way, your employees will have the opportunity to learn various dance styles and techniques, creating a sense of accomplishment and personal growth. Whether they are beginners or experienced dancers, there will be a routine suitable for all skill levels, ensuring that everyone can join in the fun and feel included. So why not step outside the box and make this year's celebration one to remember with the joy and excitement of dance?

Company Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas in the Office

Holiday Costume Party

Instead of letting Halloween have all the fun, create an evening filled with laughter and casual enjoyment by encouraging your staff to dress up in wild and clever costumes. How many Santas will show up? What other wintry characters and concepts will make an appearance? Don't forget to capture plenty of memorable moments with photos during this Christmas party idea.

Merry Murder Mystery

To solve a Christmas-themed murder mystery:

  • Choose a holiday-themed murder mystery script like "Who Slayed Santa" or "Ho Ho Homicide."
  • Print out the materials and gather props and decorations.
  • Encourage participants to dress up in costumes for a more immersive experience.
  • Gather everyone together, assign roles, and enjoy playing the game.

Cookie Swaps

A cookie swap is a dessert potluck where each participant brings at least one type of cookie. The cookies are arranged buffet-style at a meeting, and each team member creates a plate or box of assorted cookies to enjoy. It's a fun opportunity for team members to compliment each other's cookies and maybe even ask for the recipes!

Video Christmas Card

Creating a video Christmas card is a fun and creative alternative to traditional holiday greetings. Here's how you can do it:

  • Gather your team and choose a theme.
  • Develop a script and practice if needed.
  • Film the greeting and edit the footage, adding holiday music and special effects.
  • Share the final product with your team coworkers, or post it on a company page.
  • Consider turning it into a friendly office competition.
  • For distributed teams, each member can record separate clips and compile them into one video or record a greeting during a Zoom meeting.

Ugly Sweater Party

Ugly Sweater Parties are a popular and fun Christmas tradition. Participants wear hilariously tacky holiday sweaters and compete in "best dressed" contests. They can purchase or decorate thrift store sweaters. To encourage collaboration, judge the sweaters in pairs or small groups and have teams dress up based on a theme. Alternatively, participants can simply bond and enjoy conversations and games. For more excitement, wear ugly sweaters during an offsite team outing, like a dinner or an escape room. And take plenty of pictures for lasting memories!

Holiday Movie Night

Setting up a holiday movie night can be a fun team-building activity during Christmas. Start by selecting a movie and finding a way to play it on a large screen. Gather your team, encourage a pajama dress code, and provide cozy blankets and festive snacks. For remote teams, use an app like Teleparty to watch together on a Zoom call.

Gingerbread Decoration

Encourage your team to participate in a friendly competition by decorating gingerbread houses. Divide them into groups to promote communication and teamwork. Provide them with tasty ingredients like candy canes and sugar plums to stimulate their creativity. This festive work, a Christmas party idea, allows your team to showcase their unique styles and creativity while enjoying some healthy and delicious fun.

Casino Night

Organizing a casino night for your upcoming work Christmas party idea allows the team to dress up, enjoy delicious appetizers and cocktails, and engage in classic casino games. Whether or not real money is involved, the focus is on providing a carefree and enjoyable experience for everyone to have a great time.

Christmas Mixology Session

A popular feature of corporate Christmas parties is having bars with seasonal cocktails. Hiring a bartender to demonstrate the preparation of these drinks adds a hands-on element to the event, allowing employees to enjoy the beverages and learn how to recreate them. This shared experience promotes bonding among team members.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa gift exchanges are a popular team-building activity during the holidays. To organize, employees opt-in and sign up. Then, names are drawn or paired using a generator. Participants shop for their assigned recipient, and gifts are opened together on the exchange day. The gift-giver's identity remains a secret until the event. A modest price limit, like $10 or $25, is recommended. Participants can provide desired present categories to help with gift ideas.

White Elephant Exchange

White Elephant Exchanges are a variation of Secret Santa swaps where participants exchange silly gag gifts instead of practical presents. In addition, there is often the option to steal gifts from other players. Participants can choose to open their own presents or trade unwrapped presents with another player. White elephant gift exchanges are typically less stressful than traditional Secret Santa swaps because there is no pressure to find the perfect gift.

Christmas Office Bingo

Christmas Office Bingo is a game where players are given cards with common events or occurrences that happen in December. When a player spots one of these happenings, they can mark off a square on their bingo card. The objective of the game is to mark five squares in a row, column, or diagonal to get Bingo. Teammates can also collaborate and combine their cards to try to achieve Bingo faster.

Scavenger Hunt

Seasonal scavenger hunts are exciting team games where participants compete to find items and accomplish tasks within a time limit. To add a festive touch, you can design a collection of Christmas-themed clues for the scavenger hunt, making it even more enjoyable and in line with the holiday spirit.

Pet Christmas Party

Many companies invite employees' families to holiday celebrations, but few include employees' pets. Having animals in the office can bring joy to employees. Consider organizing a pet-friendly party that focuses on cats and dogs. Ensure that all pets are vaccinated and get along well with others. Schedule appointments for the pets to attend and enjoy the festivities in a controlled manner to prevent conflicts.

Why Are Escape Rooms a Perfect Choice?

Escape rooms are a perfect choice for your Christmas party because they offer a unique and immersive experience that promotes teamwork and problem-solving skills. At Questroom, you'll find several advantages:

  • Free parking: We provide free parking at our locations. You can find more information about parking on our website for each specific location.
  • Possibility to book the whole location: When you book with us, you can reserve the entire escape room location exclusively for your team. This means that your games can start at the same time, and no other teams will be present during your session.
  • Personalized service: Our dedicated event organizers will provide personalized service to ensure that your experience is tailored to your team's needs. They will be available to assist you throughout the event and make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Non-game time included: We understand that you may need additional time for introductions, briefings, or post-game discussions. That's why we include extra time in your booking to accommodate these activities. Our staff will be available to assist you during this non-game time as well.
  • Lobby space for catering: If you plan to have catered for your Christmas party, our locations have a lobby space where you can set up and enjoy your food and drinks.
  • Suitable for large teams: Our escape rooms can accommodate teams of up to 50 people, making them ideal for both big and small company teams.

Great Feel of Achievement

A memorable Christmas party is all about acknowledging the accomplishments made throughout the year. It's a time for reflection on the challenges faced, goals achieved, and personal and team growth experienced during that time.

Strengthening Team Building

Escape rooms emphasize collaboration, as teams need to work together to achieve their goals in the most efficient way possible. Some puzzles and physical challenges may require one person to guide while another person takes control or even multiple people to handle the task.

Giving a Right for an Upcoming Year

A well-planned Christmas party has the power to inspire and motivate the team, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities that await in the upcoming year. It provides an opportunity to communicate the company's vision, foster a sense of purpose, and generate enthusiasm for what lies ahead.

Boosting Motivation

Escape rooms are not only suitable for families and friends but also provide a fun and rewarding experience for companies looking to treat their employees. They offer a great opportunity to encourage team skills in a disguised and enjoyable way. Moreover, most escape room venues have multiple games, allowing bigger groups to be split into teams and have a fantastic time together.

Revealing Employees Strengths

We all have different learning and excelling styles, and it's important to celebrate that. By observing how team members work in escape rooms, we can identify their individual strengths. Once we understand their strengths, we can leverage them to create a more efficient team. Escape rooms offer a wide range of puzzles and challenges that cater to various learning preferences, whether someone is a visual learner, auditory learner, or hands-on learner. By harnessing our strengths as a team, we can achieve incredible things. That's why our escape rooms feature a diverse selection of mental, physical, and sensory puzzles, each designed to engage different players' strengths and reward them accordingly.

Book a Room for a Holiday

If you're ready to experience the excitement and team-building fun of LA room escape this holiday season, book a room with Questroom! We have multiple locations across Los Angeles, including Korea Town, Hollywood and Culver City. To make a reservation, visit our team-building events page and choose the date, time, and location that works best for your company. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to give us a call at 310-707-1240 or reach out to us through our online chat. We're here to help make your holiday team-building experience unforgettable!

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