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Bloody Elbow

60 minTime limit
Historic, ThrillerGenre
170 S Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90004Location

You remember the ritual. You remember the city guards swarming your unholy ground as you chanted alongside your friends. You remember the farce of a trial as the Holy Inquisitor paraded you as a cautionary tale through the town. Now, you find yourselves in darkness. Will you escape to try your dark magic again? Or will Bloody Elbow, the most sadistic of executioners, pull the evil out of you, one tooth at a time?

Bloody Elbow is a Thrilling Adventure game designed to test your thinking under pressure. Set in the 15th century, you, and your friends, have been arrested for witchcraft and must escape the executioner’s dungeon before he can deliver on your death sentence. You only have 60 minutes to get out. Can you survive?

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    The game you are about to book is private to you and your family/friends. No strangers will be able to participate in the game play or view it. The game has been created for you and only you, enjoy!

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    Real reviews from the real players

    Lisa Z.West Hollywood, CA

    Quest Room was amazing! We did Bloody Elbow and the production quality was far above what I expected. They spent a lot of time on the fine details that go into making this a 5 star escape room experience – from the hooded entrance to the body parts encountered on your journey. I was worried about just how scary this room would be after reading some of the other reviews, but fortunately, I got so lost in the game, I forgot all about being scared.

    Yelp review
    Gina P.Culver City, CA

    Had a chance to play both rooms here and after playing over 100 rooms, this was a stellar experience. You can see the love put into the design elements. Very immersive and beautiful!
    I am not into horror, but really enjoyed the Bloody Elbow game. It had a few completely surprising elements that had us all really caught off guard in a good way. Unfortunately, that’s about all I can say so you can have the same fun of surprise. If you are a big chicken, like I am, know that this room is scary and creepy, but not so over the top that it isn’t still enjoyable for people not into horror.

    Yelp review
    Jay T.Simi Valley, CA

    Right off the bat, the customer service was awesome. The lady who helped us was friendly and explained the game well and answered all our questions. The actual escape room was set during the Inquisition time period. The puzzles were not too hard and the room was very interactive.

    Yelp review
    Max S.San Diego, CA

    I got to play Bloody Elbow and it was awesome! Firstly, the story is great. Very unique and interesting. Secondly, the puzzles are quite tricky. Some of them look very simple and obvious, but it takes time and effort to solve them. The room itself is very well built. Decorations are very realistically looking. It’s definitely a good horror game!

    Yelp review
    Jon K.Upland, CA

    Best escape room I’ve done yet.
    I think I’ve been to about 7 escape rooms (my wife swears it’s in the double digits but I disagree…).
    We did the Da Vinci room. From the decor to the puzzles to even the staff (Daniel was awesome!), everything was top notch. I’m totally going to come back and try the other room they have.

    Yelp review
    Hiroko T.Los Angeles, CA

    Bloody Elbow
    Production values! Wow! I really felt like i was in a tortured room and so desperately wanted to get outa the room!
    Gruesome and unnerving!
    We asked for hints twice
    Escaped in 43min

    Yelp review
    John P.Los Angeles, CA

    I have done many escape rooms, and this one was by far the best. It wasn’t even a contest. For starters, the guy who greeted us at the door was insanely nice, and helped set the mood for “The Bloody Elbow”. The puzzles were all perfectly on theme and none of them felt “tacked on” at all. The set pieces were highly interactive, beautifully done, and larger than most rooms. Everything fit and gave a real sense of progression. I can’t give enough praise to this experience. If you are thinking about trying it out, just do it. I give my word that you will have an absolute blast.

    Yelp review
    Dan H.Agoura Hills, CA

    We played Bloody Elbow and could not have had more fun if we tried. The quality of the room was unbelievable, and our game master Daniel was a super fun and helpful host. The room has puzzles that are super inventive and give a real sense of accomplishment when you solve them, making every puzzle you figure out feel like a well deserved victory. Can’t wait to come back!

    Yelp review
    Elvira S.Los Angeles, CA

    My friends and I went to the “Bloody Elbow” room. The decoration and the story are amazing! It wasn’t my first experience, but that room is my favorite so far. Some puzzles were quite challenging. You guys have to play it! It’s a little creepy, but so much fun!!!

    Yelp review
    Julia O.Fullerton, CA

    We did The Bloody Elbow and it was fun! I’d like to especially outline very curious interactive technical puzzles I’ve never met in other escape rooms(no more spoilers)!Don’t hesitate to try it!!!

    Yelp review
    Derrick J.Venice, CA

    This was our first escape room experience ever. Lisa and I did the Bloody Elbow theme room and were BLOWN away with the special effects!! Simply amazing!!! There is so much detail that goes into the experience and we had a fantastic time. The staff was very friendly and the whole experience was very fun. We will definitely be back to do the Da Vinci challenge. Parking was easy. The escape challenge was thrilling! Did I mention that the staff was so friendly?? They are!!!

    Yelp review
    Frank N.Valencia, CA

    Played “The Bloody Elbow” last night and had a fantastic time. Quest Room is a great new player to the LA area and the room I played had high production value with elaborate tech. I highly recommend checking it out with a group of 4-6 people. Our team did super well and our host Ben was on point! We arrive after 6pm so there was ample free street parking at the meters.

    Yelp review
    Joy O.Australia

    The production value was top notch – some of the puzzles were engineered brilliantly. A couple of things were a little hard to trigger but we got there eventually – you just have to be very specific with placements!

    Nothing in there felt ‘cheap’, and it was certainly challenging. We all enjoyed ourselves and I really want to come back to do The Bloody Elbow!

    Yelp review
    S. B.Torrance, CA

    Just did the DaVinci room and it was great! Beautifully crafted, plenty of puzzles, and very emmersive. By far the best I’ve done and very reasonably priced.
    Shout out to John for such great customer service and enthusiasm! Now make more rooms already.

    Yelp review
    Kristen T.San Francisco, CA

    We did the thing! We went with a group of five for the Da Vinci challenge room and successfully got out in 48 minutes. The puzzles were really fun and inventive, and there was a cool challenge that our group was originally split and had to work to get back together. They give helpful hints if you get stuck but overall had a great time. We’ll probably come back to try the other rooms!

    Yelp review
    Vince K.Los Angeles, CA

    Terrific escape room! We did the DaVinci room and it was really outstanding. I’ve done at least 20 escape rooms and this was one of the best-themed rooms that I’ve done. When you enter the escape room itself, you are immediately transported to another time and place. The escape room is really well-designed to match the theme, and the puzzles are also related to the theme

    Yelp review
    Jen L.Los Angeles, CA

    We chose the Da Vinci room and we were pleasantly surprised by how high tech and beautiful the room was. Because we were all unfamiliar with the process it took us a while to get the hang of it, but once we did everything started to click. We barely escaped with time to spare and left feeling enthralled. We hope to do more escape rooms in the future and this was the perfect start.

    Yelp review
    Max S.San Diego, CA

    My buddies and I went to Da Vinci’s challenge. It was my first escape room experience ever. I loved every second of the game. It felt like an actual themed attraction than just room with puzzles. Right from the beginning I dived into amazing ambience with great story, sounds, challenging and mysterious puzzles, beautiful decorations. The whole time I was under the impression that I’m back in time, so realistic this game is.

    Yelp review
    Thea B.Glendale, Los Angeles

    Best escape room I’ve been to. I didn’t think anything could top the 60out rooms, but this one did. Incredibly clever and challenging. We did Da Vinci and got out with only a minute to spare, going back asap to try Bloody Elbow. Not only are the rooms immersive and beautifully designed, the staff is awesome. Super friendly and funny. Thanks for the awesome experience!

    Yelp review
    David H.Los Angeles, CA

    Da Vinci room was a super fun room with lots of interesting puzzles and a great theme. I’d definitely recommend

    Yelp review
    Erika B.Anaheim, CA

    The best as it gets! The work and concept put into this room is breathtaking. The owner is a passionate individual who hires equally as passionate staff and gives you such a one in a million experience. It is not just an Escape Room, but an experience i’ll never forget! My fiance and I did the Da Vinci room and we were so heavily immersed. The gem to this company is all the puzzles and production value is so on point to the theme. What a great company! I’ve done 60 rooms, and this company is in my Top 3!

    Yelp review
    Giuseppe N.Los Angeles, CA

    Such an awesome experience! We found good reviews for the Da Vinci room. I loved the theme and how interactive it was. But I got to give it up to Ben. I don’t know if he was a manager or staff member, but his energy totally got our group into the mood for having fun.

    Yelp review
    Jennifer M.Burbank, CA

    Had a blast escaping the Davinci room, really cool puzzles and the atmosphere was amazing! Thanks!

    Yelp review
    Allison N.Whittier, CA

    My favorite thing about this company is their use of non-traditional puzzles. For this reason, you really feel like you are trying to escape from the cannibal.

    Yelp review
    Igor P.Palms, Los Angeles, CA

    My favorite room so far. Like all other projects of the Quest Room this one has lots of attention to details, an interesting storyline and impressive engineering behind the puzzles.
    I would definitely recommend to come play!

    Yelp review
    Nadia T.West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

    Hannibal was one of the most excited and challenging rooms I’ve ever played. Decorations was realistic. We had a very helpful game keeper. Thank you for fun night.

    Yelp review
    Max S.San Diego, CA

    I recently played the brand new Cannibal’s den and I loved it. It is very cool and very well built escape room. Atmosphere is frightening, especially at the kitchen level. Most of the puzzles are challenging and fun. I’ve played over 30 escape rooms and this room is on my top 5 list. I recommend it to anyone who likes chill thrillers and horror escape rooms.

    Yelp review
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