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Family Bonding

If you plan to celebrate a family holiday soon and want this event to be a vivid memory forever then we invite you, your kids, your parents and anyone else you consider family to celebrate the day in our space. Just arrive ready to work together as a team and we will handle the rest! It will be a magical journey into a fantastical world that the whole family will enjoy!

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Private time
at location

Exclusive Package
start from $1999

    Your games start at the same time

    There will be only your team and no other people at the location

    You will have an organizer, you will have personalized service

    Non-game time included. All location staff are at your disposal. You can even book the location for several people

We recommend this package for teams of 20 to 50 people, but we can hold an event from 2 people

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Questroom Adventures
Are Great for

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We Help Organize the Groups

To keep everyone involved, we let you decide what groups you want to be in or what rooms you want to play! If you need assistance, we are happy to help split you up into groups, and each group will get a personalized intro to their game and a breakdown of our rules.

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Extra Time for Relaxation

With a private event, your booking time includes breaks between games for rest, socializing, or eating. You can order your own catering or bring your own food!

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A More Private Experience

While all our games are private, a private event can reserve our ENTIRE location just for you and your team! Think VIP section- but it’s the whole building!

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Our event packages are based on experience and tailored to your needs. Factors such as location, reservation length and number of participants are considered. If you have any questions, you can call us or email us at [email protected], but if you’re ready to go and want to reserve your time, go ahead and book below!

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Still have questions?

What locations do you have?
We have one in Koreatown, one in Hollywood and one in Redondo Beach.
How can I see how many people fit in the games?
All game capacities are listed online- just add all the games at a location together and thats the amount that can be in games at a single time!
Can I bring food?
If your event is private or if you book enough games to reserve the lobby you can bring food!
Can the kids play alone?
No, an adult must always be in the room with them and we cannot go above the room capacities listed online
Free parking
All of our locations offer some free parking! Check out our locations tab - every location has a link to our parking diagrams to make it extra easy for you!
How much is it?
Pricing depends on amount of guests, location and how long you will be booking for. Head to our schedule to see availability and pricing!
Catering space
If you want to do a party, corporate event, or just book out the location for a day of fun we also offer lobby space for Catering!

What people say
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Questroom Review | Questroom

Wow, five out of five doesn't even do justice to the amazing time we had! 🌟🌟🌟

Questroom Review | Questroom

We just had an amazing time experiencing Malediction! 🎉

Questroom Review | Questroom

If we had to sum up our experience in one word, it would be "unforgettable"! 🎉

Questroom Review | Questroom

We had an amazing time in Resurrection at Questroom! 🎉

Questroom Review | Questroom

Oh, man, our first escape room experience was quite an adventure! 😅

Questroom Review | Questroom

Hey, everyone! We just conquered Polar Station, and it was an unforgettable experience! 🎉

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Escape room map
in Los Angeles


This location is inside of the South Bay Galleria. To enter you can park using any mall parking but after 7pm you will NEED to park in the attached parking structure on P4 as that is the only open level to enter the mall. We are located on the 3rd floor of the mall right across from the AMC. If you park on P4 you can walk straight in and you will be on our level!

Escape Rooms for Family Bondings & Parties in Los Angeles

 | Questroom

Why Questroom’s Escape Rooms are Ideal for Family Bondings and Parties?

When it comes to building stronger family ties, there's nothing better than family-friendly escape rooms. We're the LA escape room experts. Our experiences provide an engaging and fun environment where family members of all ages can work together to solve puzzles and challenges. Our adventures are designed to be entertaining and help strengthen family ties, develop problem-solving skills, and improve mutual understanding. Plus, you'll make life-long memories together as you navigate your way through our kid-friendly escape rooms. From fantasy experiences that young children will enjoy to thrilling adventures that your older children will love, Questroom has family rooms for groups of all sizes. Explore our games today and experience an unforgettable family bonding activity!

Amazing Escape Room Experience for the Whole Family

Why choose Questroom over the rest? At Questroom, our team of experts is skilled at creating immersive and exciting escape experiences. While traditional escape rooms offer a few puzzles and a time limit, rooms at Questroom feature engaging storylines, detailed props and sets, fun interactions, and even the possibility of family photos with a memory to take home. With escape rooms suitable for all ages and abilities, you can be sure your family will have an amazing time solving puzzles together in one of our Los Angeles escape room adventures. Book now to learn more and see why we are good at creating unforgettable group experiences.

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