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Birthday Parties

Questroom is ideal for birthday parties of all ages, from kids to teens to adults! Our team will offer you a variety of event scenarios to choose from, and help coordinate your special birthday party so that you don't get distracted from the game with logistics. After the escape room, you can even have food and cake with us! We’ll help make the day magical, just give us a call!

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    Your games may not start at the same time
    There will be other teams at the location
    You will not have a coordinator and will be served based on the listed game start times
    You will divide into teams and fill out waiver forms yourself

Limit of people for standard reservations is dictated by game capacity. This can range from 4 to 10 people in a single game maximum.

Not recommended if there are more than 20 players

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Questroom Adventures
Are Great for

Having Fun with Friends in an Escape Room | Questroom

We Help Organize the Groups

To ensure active participation, we offer you the freedom to choose the groups you want to join or the rooms you want to play in! If you require assistance, we are delighted to help you divide into groups, and each group will receive a personalized introduction to their game and a detailed explanation of our rules. This is especially perfect for bachelorette parties!

null | Questroom

Extra Time for Relaxation

During a private event, you will have designated breaks between games for relaxation, socializing, or enjoying a meal. You have the option to either order catering or bring your own food.

null | Questroom

A More Private Experience

Although all of our games are private, a private event allows you to reserve our entire location exclusively for you and your team, creating the perfect setting for birthday parties. It's like having a VIP section, but it encompasses the entire building!

Host a Private Event in an Escape Room | Questroom

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by phone or email at [email protected]. However, if you're ready to move forward and want to secure your preferred time slot, please proceed with the booking. Moreover, our services are ideal for birthday parties, providing a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience for the celebration.

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Still have questions?

What locations do you have?
We have one in Koreatown, one in Hollywood and one in Redondo Beach.
How can I see how many people fit in the games?
All game capacities are listed online- just add all the games at a location together and thats the amount that can be in games at a single time!
Can I bring food?
If your event is private or if you book enough games to reserve the lobby you can bring food!
Can the kids play alone?
No, an adult must always be in the room with them and we cannot go above the room capacities listed online
Free parking
All of our locations offer some free parking! Check out our locations tab - every location has a link to our parking diagrams to make it extra easy for you!
How much is it?
Pricing depends on amount of guests, location and how long you will be booking for. Head to our schedule to see availability and pricing!
Catering space
If you want to do a party, corporate event, or just book out the location for a day of fun we also offer lobby space for Catering!

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Questroom Review

Wow, five out of five doesn't even do justice to the amazing time we had! 🌟🌟🌟

Questroom Review

We just had an amazing time experiencing Malediction! 🎉

Questroom Review

If we had to sum up our experience in one word, it would be "unforgettable"! 🎉

Questroom Review

We had an amazing time in Resurrection at Questroom! 🎉

Questroom Review

Oh, man, our first escape room experience was quite an adventure! 😅

Questroom Review

Hey, everyone! We just conquered Polar Station, and it was an unforgettable experience! 🎉

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Escape Rooms for Birthday Parties in Los Angeles

Birthday Party in an Escape Room | Questroom

You've Never Seen A Birthday Party Like This

At Questroom, we know a thing or two about creating unforgettable experiences. Our escape room parties are perfect for kids and adults alike. From thrilling and scary experiences for teens and adults to exciting adventures just for kids, you'll love our immersive story-driven escape rooms. Our Los Angeles escape rooms for birthday parties are sure to be a favorite for everyone. Whether you want to test your child's detective skills or team up for a thrilling challenge, our escape rooms offer something special for everyone. So, why not surprise your child with an escape room party this year? Let Questroom take care of the details and create an unforgettable celebration - give us a call today!

Questroom - The Experts in Birthday Party Fun

Are you stuck trying to come up with yet another fun and memorable birthday party for your kids? We have the answer. Escape room birthday parties are the perfect way to entertain and delight all your guests, no matter their age. Our games of different genres make it easy for you to find a theme everyone will love - and let us worry about the rest. With our experienced team, you can rest assured that your escape room birthday celebration will be a success. Need a little extra something special? Give us the details, and we'll take care of it! If you're ready to make this year's event one to remember, book a Questroom escape room birthday party for kids, teens and adults today!

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