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Frequently asked questions

Can I add another player to my group?
As long as you do not exceed the capacity limit listed on the website for the specific room you have booked you can! Call us in advance to let us know, and we will add a player to your game so everyone can do their waivers before arriving. We can take care of payment when you arrive.
What is the difference between Thrill Theatre and Escape rooms?
A Thrill Theater is still an escape room, but it has a heightened level of immersion! While a regular escape room may have a high focus on puzzles, our Thrill Theaters focus on the story of what you are doing. Each Thrill Theater includes a live actor that raises the stakes of the game- either you need to help them, find them, or avoid them. By having a live person that you have to interact with through the experience the line between real life and the escape room blurs just enough to make you forget that you are in a game!
What locations do you have?
We currently have four locations: Koreatown, Hollywood, Redondo Beach and Culver City. Additionally, we are excited to announce our newest location in Plano.
Do you have an age limit?
There needs to be one person over the age of 18 in the room at all times with any minors. However, We do not have an age limit, but different age recommendations for our rooms - they are listed below: Amnesia- 13+ (For language and suspenseful themes) Bloody Elbow- 13+ (for violent themes and mild nudity) Cannibal’s Den- 15+ (For violent and suspenseful themes) Project Minotaur- 16+ (For violent and suspenseful themes) Resurrection- 15+ (For language and suspenseful themes)
I’ve played other rooms where they’ve paired us with strangers, do you do that?
All of our games are completely private, meaning only the people you reserved for in your group will play the room with you. If you’re worried about your team being too small, there are numerous resources online to help put together a team. However, we assure you that all our games are possible with as few as 2 people.
This sounds fun! How do I purchase tickets?
We do all of our reservations online. To book, click on the Escape Rooms or Thrill Theater tab and pick the game that looks the most fun to you, then press the BOOK NOW! Button. You will then be led to the calendar, where you can choose the perfect time for your group and see the prices for all available time-slots!
What's the parking situation?
Each of our locations has its own dedicated parking area. (See detailed maps on the LOCATION part of our website) Our location on Western Ave. has a white archway that says KOREA ONE PLAZA on it to the left of our building where you can park and our Hollywood location on Santa Monica blvd, has LIMITED parking next to our entrance, at the back of the building. Unless you're going to our location at the South Bay Galleria, our parking is very limited so we encourage people to carpool and take as few cars as possible when you're coming to play. We cannot guarantee parking at our Koreatown or Hollywood locations, however the spots we do have are free.
What if I'm running late?
We require all participants to arrive no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled reservation to make sure there is time to fill out paperwork, use the restroom, and start go over rules for your experience. If you show up more than 30 minutes past your scheduled time, you will be turned away without a refund. Traffic in Los Angeles is super unpredictable, so it’s best to arrive early. *No Refunds will be provided for any extenuating circumstances including but NOT limited to traffic, delayed flights, or not being able to find the location.
Will I really be locked in for the whole game?
Technically, no. While the doors will be locked, we do have built-in methods of exiting the room if you are unable to complete the experience. Please note that for our more thrilling games (Bloody Elbow, Cannibal’s Den, Resurrection, Amnesia, and Project Minotaur) we require all members to play through until the end. If someone uses the emergency panic button, it’s “game over” for the group.
Do you accept Walk-ins?
We do allow walk-ins but most of our locations are currently on an Call-In Schedule in the mornings- so if you book last minute you may receive a call stating that a game master will be there as soon as possible and your game will be run when they are able to arrive. For this reason we heavily encourage booking in advance, and while we are not call-in on the weekends you should still book ahead as we do fill up quickly Friday-Sunday!
Does the room have a time limit?
Our time limits will vary in the future as we create more immersive, creative, and one-of-a-kind experiences, but at this time the limit for most of our rooms is 60 minutes. You can find the time limits to your specific games by visiting their pages.
Do I need to bring anything specific with me?
We recommend that you bring your phones to fill out your electronic waivers (or better yet, fill it out before you come). We recommend wearing clothing that is easy to move around in, and highly recommend no high heels or open-toed footwear.
What, exactly, is an escape room?
An escape room is an immersive and interactive puzzle, typically, created around a central theme and designed to be completed in a certain amount of time. They’re best played with a group of friends or family, and are the fastest growing new entertainment in the nation!
Do I Need to Make a Reservation?
We greatly prefer that you make your reservation online before you come in, so the slot you want doesn’t get filled up! You’re free to walk in as well, but it’s safer to book everything beforehand since we tend to get sold out!
What if I want to bring more people than the given capacity?
Our listed capacity limits are for safety reasons and cannot be exceeded. We recommend booking multiple rooms to accommodate the amount of players you wish to bring.
What if our group has had a few drinks before coming in?
We here at Questroom love a good time, and we’re happy you already started a wonderful night. However, if you’re noticeably intoxicated and one of our managers determines you are unfit to play the game, you will not be allowed inside. It’s best to save the celebrations until after you escape! You’ll want your wits about you when inside the rooms, anyway!
Is there anything that I won’t be able to bring in the room?
We don’t allow electronics such as cameras, phones or smartwatches. Nor do we allow Bags, food or drinks inside the rooms. But don’t worry! We do have lockers at our locations for you to store your belongings for the duration of your game. Most of our lockers even have cables for you to charge your phone!
What if I need to reschedule an existing reservation?
We understand that things come up, and we will gladly reschedule your game provided that you call us with a minimum of 12 hours notice. We cannot reschedule games any later than this. When you reschedule we can move you to another date, or if you are not sure when you can play next - we can book you for a placeholder date, which you can use as a future game credit.
Which rooms have a live actor?
Amnesia, Resurrection, Warlocked, Spell Breakers/Malediction, and Project Minotaur all have live actors in them. Cannibals Den, Perfumer and Bloody Elbow also have minor live actor portions.
How can I see how many people fit in the games?
All game capacities are listed online- just add all the games at a location together and thats the amount that can be in games at a single time!
Can I bring food?
If your event is private or if you book enough games to reserve the lobby you can bring food!
Can the kids play alone?
No, an adult must always be in the room with them and we cannot go above the room capacities listed online
Free parking
All of our locations offer some free parking! Check out our locations tab - every location has a link to our parking diagrams to make it extra easy for you!
How much is it?
Pricing depends on amount of guests, location and how long you will be booking for. Head to our schedule to see availability and pricing!
Catering space
If you want to do a party, corporate event, or just book out the location for a day of fun we also offer lobby space for Catering!
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Questroom is ideal for birthday parties of all ages, from kids to teens to adults! Our team will offer you a variety of event scenarios to choose from, and help coordinate your special birthday party so that you don't get distracted from the game with logistics. After the escape room, you can even have food and cake with us! We’ll help make the day magical, just give us a call!

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About Us

Amnesia Escape Room Actor | Escape Room Near Me | Questroom

It's been over 6 years since our founder's idea to create the best escape room experience in Los Angeles came to fruition. The proof is in the 70,000+ customers who have experienced our real-life escape rooms with actors. The first Questroom, which appeared in July 2016 in the city of Los Angeles, immediately gained its popularity among entertainment enthusiasts and thrill-seekers. Beginning with two games in a building on Western Avenue, QUESTROOM has grown into a leading company in the organization of extraordinarily exciting immersive activities.

A huge factor of its success is a perfectly matched team that has become a family, and each employee is a fan of his or her work.

The main value of our company is to be client-oriented, so we try to do our best to make sure each and every client is satisfied. We're constantly improving because of the many reviews we've received and our experience grows every day. Each of our 12 interactive storytimes will delight the most seasoned gamer and put you to the test! If you need further evidence, we have over 6,000 reviews on Google where we remain the #1 in games reviewed in LA.

Our hallmarks include custom-designed sets that are on par with Hollywood's, realistic character costumes, incredibly themed scenarios, and interesting challenges full of engaging puzzles to solve developed by the best writing teams in the business to heighten your immersion as much as possible.

Inspired by stories from books, rated movies, and games; we create our own scenarios with unique characters that become favorites for many customers.

Our escape room centers are open today for everyone. For 60 minutes you have to go through an exciting adventure and plunge into a mysterious world, imbued with the spirit of exploration. Try your hand at Project Minotaur, Red Giant, Warlocked and other exciting Questroom escape games at one of our three Los Angeles locations in Koreatown, Hollywood or Redondo Beach. There may be a good escape room near you. Book a game slot for a location close to you and visit us with family, friends or coworkers!

Many people choose Questroom for private parties, family gatherings, birthdays, team building or corporate events. No matter how big your company is, we have plenty of room for events of all sizes. Our team will gladly offer various scenarios for your occasion and help to make your celebration bright and unforgettable. We also have a lobby area at each location where you can relax after playing, have a delicious meal and share your experiences. If you're planning an interesting weekend then put a visit to the best escape rooms in Los Angeles on your schedule. We'll spice up your leisure time with a whole new entertainment experience that you'll remember forever.

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