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23 Sep, 2023
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The Best Escape Rooms in Los Angeles You Need to Try

Amnesia Escape Room Main Actor Tied | Escape Room Redondo Beach | Questroom

Escape rooms have become increasingly creative, technologically advanced, and sophisticated, providing both beginners and experienced sleuths with hours of entertainment. In Los Angeles escape, there is a wide range of escape rooms available, offering various themes such as horror, mystery, bank heists, and even virtual reality. Regardless of the theme, successful escape requires strong teamwork and sleuthing skills. This blog post is for you if you are wondering: "What are the TOP escape rooms near me"?

TOP Rated Escape Rooms in Los Angeles

Project Minotaur - Hollywood Questroom

You and your friends were on a vacation when you decided to join a Temple Tour that turned out to be more boring than expected. However, you noticed a large military base across from the last site of the tour, which piqued your curiosity. Ignoring your guide's frantic denial, you sneaked away from the tour and found a way inside the base. Soon, you realized that it wasn't the best idea as you discovered some twisted science experiments happening there. You and your friends have become the newest test subjects for PROJECT: MINOTAUR. Can you escape the base before encountering the experiment's namesake? Project Minotaur is not just a haunted house escape room but an epic thriller and a grand event. It spans over 1600 square feet and features challenges that will push you to your limits. It is recommended to play with a group that has diverse skills and abilities. However, please be aware that Project Minotaur is a physically demanding experience with actors. It includes enclosed spaces, strobe lighting, and narrow hallways, and the actors may physically interact with you in a non-harmful manner. If you have any neck, back, or knee injuries or severe claustrophobia, it is not recommended to play.


Elaina B. on Yelp

Red Giant - Hollywood Questroom

The Red Giant is an incredibly popular escape room in Los Angeles that offers an action-packed adventure. Located within the renowned Pink Pyramid, this escape room takes you on a thrilling journey to find the legendary Red Giant, a valuable ruby that has never been seen before. Assemble your team and prepare to explore the pyramid, but be warned: time is limited as your oxygen supply gradually depletes. Can you solve the puzzles and escape with the Red Giant before it's too late?


Mark M. on Yelp

Perfumer - Koreatown Questroom

The greatest Perfumer in the world has been executed for his crimes. He was known for creating exquisite scents that captivated people, but it was discovered that he achieved this by brutally killing young women. In his capture, he mentioned his pursuit of the "Perfect Perfume," a mythical fragrance that would have the power to enchant anyone who smelled it. Now, you and your group of Perfumers have decided to break into his perfumery, complete his work, and claim it for yourselves. Can you uncover the secrets, achieve true perfection, and escape before the authorities arrive? The Perfumer is an immersive and dark historical adventure that engages all your senses. It requires someone with a good sense of smell in your group to solve the mystery. The game involves mild physical activity and lasts for 75 minutes.


Garrett F. on Yelp

Warlocked - Redondo Beach Questroom

This summer felt ordinary, just like any other summer. As the sun disappeared below the horizon, you and your friends noticed a mesmerizing blinking light that beckoned you to follow. Determined to catch up with it, you rode your bikes through the forest, weaving between branches, until you stumbled upon a mysterious house. Intrigued, you wondered if you could find the vanished lights inside. With a small push on the door, you were ready for an adventure. Warlocked is an unparalleled Fantasy-Adventure game set in the magical kingdom of Questoria. Join forces with your friends or family to help a wizard save their heir, protect their magic, and defend the entire kingdom from impending doom. You have one hour to unleash their magic and defeat the Warlock! Please note that this game includes strobe lighting, fog effects, and an optional puzzle that may trigger claustrophobia. Minor crawling is involved but can be skipped by all players if necessary.


Jessica J. on Yelp

Amnesia - Redondo Beach Questroom

You have recently started classes at UCXX, and your favorite class is psychology. The Professor, who is eccentric but incredibly intelligent, invited you to a wild party at his apartment after winning an award for his experiments. The night is a blur, and you wake up in an unfortunate situation, feeling groggy and still under the influence of something. The Professor is missing, and you suspect one of his test subjects is responsible. Can you uncover what happened, save yourselves, and rescue the Professor before time runs out and the patient finds you? Amnesia is a comedic thriller escape room with live actors involving mild physical activity. The game lasts for 60 minutes and includes minor strobe lighting and fog effects. It is wheelchair accessible.


Sarah R. on Yelp

Resurrection - Redondo Beach Questroom

Resurrection is a thrilling yet humorous horror escape room experience with a live actor. This room involves moderate physical activity and lasts for 60 minutes. It features strobe lighting fog effects and challenges you to investigate the home of a recent victim of a serial killer. Can you solve the mystery and escape before the rest of the police force arrives to arrest you for trespassing?


Steve N. on Yelp

Malediction - Koreatown Questroom

As you and your fellow adventurers make your way through a mystical forest, you come across an old cabin. Approaching it, you hear the echoes of a cursed tale - the story of a wicked Witch who was challenged by a brave Warrior. Despite the Warrior's valiant efforts, they were no match for the Witch's dark magic and were turned into stone under her curse. To survive and find your way home, you must break into the Witch's cabin and create a magical potion that can restore the Warrior. Otherwise, you may meet the same fate as stone statues.


Garrett F. on Yelp

Spell Breakers - Koreatown Questroom

"Spell Breakers" is a family-friendly version of the game "Malediction." In this game, you and your fellow adventurers find yourselves lost in a magical forest and stumble upon a mystical cabin. You hear the echoes of a cursed tale about an evil Witch and a brave Warrior. The Warrior tried to defeat the Witch but was turned into stone by her curse. To find your way home, you must break into the Witch's cabin and create a magical potion to transform the Warrior back. This interactive experience emphasizes immersion and team-building quests between the players and the actors. The game includes strobe lighting and fog effects and lasts for 60 minutes.


Lauren J. on Yelp

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