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03 Aug, 2023
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Are There Escape Rooms with Live Actors in Questroom?

Live Actors in an Escape Room  | Questroom

If you're someone who loves escape rooms, you've probably tried it all: puzzles, codes, riddles, and more. But have you ever experienced an escape room with live actors? At Questroom, we take our escape rooms to the next level with immersive experiences that involve real actors. Our rooms are designed to transport you to another world, where you'll solve puzzles, work together with other players, and interact with our talented cast of actors.

If you're looking for escape rooms in Los Angeles like no other, Questroom is the perfect place for you. Our live-actor escape rooms are designed to challenge and entertain you from start to finish.

Who are Live Actors in Escape Rooms?

Escape rooms typically incorporate characters in some way, often through pre-recorded audio, videos, or projections. However, Questroom takes escape rooms to the next level by incorporating real, live actors into the experience. By interacting with live actors, players can ask questions, work together, and race against them, adding a level of realism and immersion that pre-recorded interactions cannot provide. At Questroom, our live actor escape rooms are designed to transport players to another world, where they can solve puzzles, work together, and interact with our talented cast of actors. If you're a fan of escape rooms and want a unique, immersive experience, Questroom's live actor escape rooms are perfect for you.

What Role Do Live Actors Play in the Escape?

Increase the Level of Immersion in the Story?

This type of live actor may also act as a character from the escape room world, but their goal is to waste your time by giving you false information, distracting you, or leading you on the wrong track. They are intentionally unhelpful, but they are often used in conjunction with other types of characters to add to the challenge of the escape room experience. It's up to the players to figure out who to believe.

Heat up the Atmosphere

Having a live actor in the room can create a sense of urgency that adds to the excitement of the experience. Whether the actor is a victim of a murderer locked to a wall, a zombie on a chain that slowly gets closer to you, or a scary monster that hunts you, they will keep you on your toes and motivated to reach your goal. This can be a thrilling experience for those who enjoy the rush of adrenaline that comes with a sense of urgency.

Make the Game More Challenging

Actors in live escape rooms can increase the level of difficulty and challenge for players. They may block access to certain areas or act as adversaries, catching players who are not paying attention. This can make escaping from the room more challenging and add to the overall mystery and excitement of the experience.

Help the Players

Escape rooms with live actors are an exciting and interactive way to engage with a story. These actors are more than just there to add to the ambiance. They can be an invaluable resource for your group, serving as a personal hint system to help guide you in solving puzzles and pointing out anything you may have missed. This not only ensures that you have a more enjoyable experience but it also helps keep you fully immersed in the story. After all, talking to a character from the in-game world feels natural, adding an extra layer of excitement and realism to the game. Additionally, having actors present can help to create a unique and dynamic experience, as they can adapt to the group's needs and provide a customized experience that caters to your group's strengths and weaknesses.

Add Social Puzzles

Escape rooms with live actors allow for social puzzles, which require participants to use their interpersonal skills to solve the challenge. This type of puzzle requires human intelligence along with logical thinking. For example, participants may need to escape a murderer or convince a vengeful spirit to relinquish the treasury's key. This requires good persuasion and bargaining skills.

How Do the Actors Appear in the Game?

As a Part of the Story

In an Los Angeles room escape, live actors can provide a more immersive experience by portraying characters who have a backstory and can assist players on their mission. Moreover, the backstory of these characters can add depth to the game, allowing players to feel more engaged in the story. It's crucial for players to engage with these characters and ask questions to get as much information as possible. This can not only help players move forward in the game but also add to the escape room's overall experience.

As an Obstacle

Live actors can be incorporated into an escape room as a character within the world who can assist players on their mission. They come with a backstory and are fully immersed in the escape room world, providing valuable information, clues, or even direct help solving puzzles. Engaging with these characters and asking questions is essential to get as much information as possible to benefit from their assistance.

As Scary Character

Scary escape rooms with live actors primarily create a sense of urgency by scaring players. They are often used to create a hybrid haunted house escape room that features jump scares and keeps players' adrenaline pumping as they go through the room. Another way live actors are used is in popular murder escape rooms, where the murderer is present in the room and can get closer to players as time passes, acting as a scary time clock.

A victim in escape rooms can also be played by a live actor, who is usually chained to something. The players' mission is usually to free them and escape before the villain returns. Sometimes though you need to choose to leave them behind, which can be hard if they endear themselves to you. These actors can be terrifying in their portrayal as a victim who has already encountered the villain and can be a haunting reminder of what could happen if the players fail to escape.

How to Interact with Actors?

Don't be Rude

Escape room live actors should be treated with respect and kindness. They have to adapt and improvise to each new group, and repeatedly playing in the same room can be challenging. Show compassion for their hard work and dedication.

Listen and Remember

The live actor in an escape room is not just there to fill the space or be a decoration. They have a crucial role in the game, whether it's to add to the immersion of the horror theme, provide clues to drive the narrative, or play a character in the game. It's important to listen to what they have to say to get the most out of the experience.

Be Observant

When you book an escape room in LA with a live actor, you'll be playing with someone who is experienced and familiar with every aspect of the room. The actor will use subtle hints and clues through their body language and movements, so make sure to observe them closely.

Have Fun

Have fun with the escape actors — they're there for you! Come experience it for yourself at our rooms in LA and see for yourself how thrilling it can be.

Questroom Live Actor Escape Rooms

At Questroom, we offer a unique and immersive escape room live action with real actors. Our rooms are designed to transport players to another world, where they interact with our talented cast of actors. We have several rooms that feature live actors, including:

Cannibal's Den 2.0

In this room, players find themselves in a cannibal's den and must escape before becoming the next meal. The actors in this room, while not present throughout the entire experience, play the role of the cannibals, providing an added level of realism and fear to the game. They will chase players and try to catch them, making the game more challenging and thrilling.

Project Minotaur

In this room, players are part of an experiment that has gone wrong. They must escape the lab before the Minotaur, a genetically engineered monster, catches them. The actor in this room plays the role of the Minotaur, chasing players and adding an extra layer of fear and excitement to the game. There is also a second actor you meet, but we don’t want to give away too much. This is one you need to play to find out.


In this room, players wake up in a strange place with no memory of how they got there. The actors in this room play the role of other characters who are also trapped in the same place. They provide players with clues and information about what's going on, helping them piece together their memories and escape.


Players are transported to a magical world where they must save a Wizard and his heir who have been locked away and had their magic stolen by an Evil Warlock who has taken control of the land.. The actors in this room serve as characters in the game, providing valuable information and clues to help players solve the puzzles. They also add an extra level of immersion and excitement to the game.


As you venture through a mystical forest, you come across an old cabin. However, you hear the cursed tale of a malevolent witch who turned a brave warrior into stone with her dark magic. To survive and find your way home, you must break into the witch's cabin and create a magical elixir to undo the curse. Otherwise, you risk being turned to stone as well! The actors of this game serve as characters you must barter with and help in order to further the story.


A serial killer has been terrorizing LA for months. The police are stumped, and the lead detective is stuck. However, you've joined the investigation to help catch the killer after one of your friends became a victim. The detective has given you an hour to investigate the latest crime scene before the rest of the force arrives. But with the wrong choices, you're unsure if the house is empty. The actor plays a character you don’t want to run into in this one.

Spell Breakers

While wandering through a mysterious forest, you come across an eerie cabin with a sinister tale. An evil witch cursed a brave warrior who turned to stone. To avoid the same fate, you must break into the cabin and create a potion to reverse the petrification. The actors of this game serve as characters you must befriend, barter with and help in order to further the story.

Want to Try?

Ready to experience the thrill of a live actor escape room in Los Angeles? Book online or call Questroom at 310-707-1240 to reserve your spot today. For more information, email us at [email protected]. Take advantage of the opportunity to have an unforgettable escape room experience with our talented cast of actors.

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