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27 Mar, 2024
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Egg-citing Easter Activities: Fun Ideas for the Whole Family

Easter at Questroom Korea Town | Questroom

Easter is a time of celebration and joy for many families around the world. As spring blossoms, so too does a sense of renewal and excitement, especially for children who look forward to the traditional Easter egg hunt. But Easter can be more than just hunting for colorful eggs; it can also be a great opportunity to spend quality time with your family, engage in creative activities, and make lasting memories. From crafting your own Easter decorations to baking delicious treats, there are numerous things to do on easter that the whole family can enjoy. So, if you're looking for ways to make this holiday more egg-citing than ever, you're in the right place! In this blog post, we will share some fun and creative ideas to help you plan memorable easter fun activities for families.

What to Do on Easter Sunday

  • Read Easter-Themed Books

Reading is a wonderful activity that inspires the holiday spirit in your children. Whether you choose books about the Easter bunny, spring chicks, or more spiritual themes, there are numerous book recommendations available for toddlers and young readers that are perfect for Easter.

  • Visit Escape Rooms

Going to escape rooms can be an exhilarating and enjoyable activity for you and your kids. It offers a fantastic chance to strengthen bonds as you solve mysteries together, sharing the thrill of overcoming obstacles. This activity is not only a source of immense fun but also a way to fill your time with joy and laughter.

  • Wear Matching Outfits for Family Photos

Enhance your family photos by dressing in coordinating outfits! Consider some charming Easter attire for the entire family for inspiration. Plenty of Easter-themed Instagram captions are available to pair with your photos. You'll appreciate the memories when you revisit these photos in the future!

  • Make and Decorate an Easter Tree

Easter Egg trees, or "Ostereierbaum," are a German Easter tradition. Previously, these trees were outdoor installations adorned with hollowed-out eggs. Nowadays, they are decorated both indoors and outdoors with eggs and a variety of other Easter ornaments.

In the weeks leading up to Good Friday, our Easter Tree serves as the focal point of our spring nature table. It's a delightful spring decoration that can be enjoyed by the whole family and adds a charming touch to the spring brunch or dinner table setting. In our household, the annual decoration of the Easter tree is a much-loved tradition.

  • Visit a Bunny Rescue

Easter is typically associated with bunnies. Consider taking the family to a local animal rescue or zoo to interact with real rabbits. Often, you can buy pellets or carrots to feed them and sometimes even get a chance to sit with them. This is an excellent chance to educate children about the importance of respecting all animal life.

  • Pick Tulips Together

If you live near a tulip field where you can pick your own flowers, consider planning a visit. This is a delightful family activity that results in beautiful blooms for your home.

  • Create Easter Baskets from Recycled Materials

Transform waste into wonderful upcycled Easter Baskets that children will adore! Creating Easter baskets from reused items is an enjoyable and environmentally friendly tradition. Utilize recycled materials like paper, fabric, old sweaters, milk containers, juice boxes, cans, bottles, plastic bags, or even old toys to craft your own unique egg baskets.

  • Play Easter Bingo

Print several cute Easter Bingo cards, give your children some jelly beans to use as markers, and enjoy a fun and delicious round of this traditional game.

  • Leave a Carrot out for the Easter Bunny

Another enjoyable family tradition for Easter is to leave a carrot out for the Easter bunny. Children find great delight in waking up to find a partially eaten carrot and holiday baskets on the table. Therefore, don't forget to remind your kids to leave a carrot out the night before Easter.

  • Do the Bunny Hop

If your children need to expend some energy and get moving, initiate a round of the bunny hop. Line up, turn up the tunes, and start hopping! Your kids will have a blast.

  • Go on an Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter egg hunt is a beloved tradition that kids thoroughly enjoy. It's often one of the highlights of the holiday for children, along with eggs, baskets, and the Easter Bunny. Therefore, it's essential to incorporate an egg hunt into your Easter festivities.

  • Build Peep Houses

We're all familiar with the tradition of building gingerbread houses during Christmas. But how to celebrate easter in that style? Involve the children in assembling houses for their Peeps using graham crackers, icing, and various candy adornments. The activity will be as enjoyable as eating the creations afterward.

  • Decorate Easter Eggs

Protect your table with plastic or paper, boil some eggs, and gather your craft materials. Even without a store-bought egg-dyeing kit, children will enjoy using food coloring (which works well as a dye alternative when mixed with vinegar and hot water), wax crayons, stickers, paint, and markers.

  • Make a Festive Wreath

Are you thinking about adding a festive touch to your home for the holiday? Creating a DIY Easter wreath is an ideal activity. Your children can participate, too! Use materials like plastic eggs, artificial flowers, and fluffy chicks to personalize your wreath to your door.

  • Experience an Easter Parade

Easter, a significant holiday in many parts of the world, is observed with a variety of customs and traditions. Among these, the Easter Parade stands out as a unique and vibrant event. Numerous towns and cities, both large and small, organize these parades as part of their Easter celebrations. These parades feature a wonderful array of colorful floats, marching bands, and community groups, all coming together in a joyful observance of the holiday. If you're interested in participating in or simply watching these spectacular displays of community spirit, be sure to consult your local schedule. This will help you determine if such a parade is taking place in your vicinity. Participating in or attending an Easter Parade can be a memorable experience, providing a great way to celebrate the holiday and engage with your local community.

  • Host a Traditional Easter Brunch or Dinner

Relish a customary Easter dinner with your loved ones as part of your family's spring festivities. A banquet brimming with traditional Easter dishes and homemade family-preferred recipes is a delight that everyone will take pleasure in preparing and savoring together.

  • Attend Church on Easter Sunday

We warmly invite you and your family to join us for Easter Sunday service at your local church. It's a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ in an atmosphere of peace and unity. Sharing this sacred time with loved ones can be a meaningful and enriching experience. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our congregation.

  • Decorate with Easter Lilies

Easter lilies, while aesthetically pleasing, hold deeper significance as they represent purity, renewal, new starts, and optimism. You can arrange them for display in your home or gift an arrangement to a friend, spreading the holiday spirit.

  • Send Heartfelt Easter Cards

Even if separated by great distances, you can still make the most of the festive celebration by sending out uniquely designed Easter cards that are filled with heartfelt sentiments to your loved ones, friends, and family. Taking the time to create these Easter cards yourself adds a far more personal touch, making each card a special expression of your affection and thoughtfulness. This small gesture can mean a lot to those who receive it, and it's a wonderful way to keep the spirit of the holiday alive, sharing joy and love with everyone you care about.

The Benefits of Visiting the Escape Rooms at Questroom for Easter

We invite you to spend an unforgettable time at Questroom this Easter! Questroom is the ideal place for family time, where everyone can find something interesting for themselves. Visitors can look forward to thrilling adventures and captivating tasks that will allow the whole family to unite and enjoy fun together. Questroom is a must if you are looking for what to do on easter sunday!

In addition, we offer the opportunity to rent a lobby for catering by reserving a place for easter events for kids. This Easter, give yourself and your family unforgettable moments of adventure at Questroom! Embark on an exciting journey, solving mysterious riddles together with your loved ones.

And to make your adventure even more joyful, we are offering you a promo code ES24TR for a $24 discount for groups of 6 or more! Don't miss your chance to make this holiday truly special.

A visit to Questroom on Easter will be an unforgettable experience that will leave lasting impressions on both adults and children!

Ready to Celebrate Easter at Questroom? Contact Us!

Ready to celebrate Easter at Questroom? Don't hesitate to reach out to us! We have locations at the following places for your convenience:

  • Korea Town
  • Hollywood
  • Redondo Beach
  • Culver City

You can easily book a room online on our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 310-707-1240 or write to us in our online chat. We look forward to making your Easter celebration an unforgettable one!

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